Monday , October 18 2021

Better for Umno if Najib spoke less to the govt, says Khairy


Khairy Jamaluddin says there are two camps in Umno over the 1MDB scandal.

PETALING JAYA: Khairy Jamaluddin said it would be better for Umno if former president Najib Razak called back his criticism of the current government.

In an indefinite interview with Utusan Mingguan Malaysia, Khairy said while points that originated by the former prime minister were well received, it had also become the subject of others.

"And the easiest way to counteract the points (raised by Najib) is by (upward) 1MDB," he told Malay every day, referring to the scandalized state finance fund.

"He gets a traction because he is the former prime minister and I have no problems if he wants to talk, but it would be better for him if it was less." It would be better for Umno. "

The former Umno youth leader was asked to comment on the fact that Najib has been active in criticizing the Pakatan Harapan (PH) administration.

But Khairy, as last month tweeted as 1MDB led to the defeat of Barisan Nationals on May 9, said that if you read the comments, it was obvious that BN had checked the 1MDB scandal.

However, Rembau MP emphasized that while he had no problems with Najib, the reality was that the investment arm is still linked to BN.

Najib is currently facing multiple charges in connection with the alleged transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars to its bank account from the State Investment Fund 1MDB.

When asked about Umno to tie up with Najib to refrain from the scandal, Khairy said that it could lead to a split in the party.

He said that this was because there were those who thought there was no error involving 1MDB and others like him who thought otherwise.

And until a new president comes out to admit that there was really a scandal, there would be no end to the question and Umno would remain in political limbo.

"The president has his own problems and he does not think of 1MDB, and he is also good friends with Najib," he told Mingguan Malaysia, referring to Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

"He's uncomfortable talking about it, even though I know Ahmad Zahid has accepted the reality."

However, Khairy praised Najib about the latter management of the country's economy and added that he still defended the system introduced by the former administration, including by applying goods and services tax (GST).

The former youth and sports minister said he was proud of Najib's record in that regard.

"It can not be denied that what we performed was perfect, it was only that 1MDB was the reason we lost."

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