Thursday , April 22 2021

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 55 Chocking News: Madhumita is out of Bigg Boss House?

madhumitha exposed bigg boss tamil 3

There is controversy in plenty of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house ever since Vanitha and Kasthuri entered the house. Although Kasthuri is unable to get into terms of topics, Vanitha's plot gets complicated with the day. The last accident on Vanitha's grounds is Madhumitha.

Madhumitha is out of the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house! Right or wrong movement?

While things got ugly, Madhumita & # 39; s intensified aggression lagged behind the big Tamil actress. She locked horns with Kavin and Co. with his remarks against the men of the house. While her intention was to speak for the welfare of the women associated with Kavin, Losliya and Sherin were not prepared to take Madhumita's side.

It was a failed attempt to unite the women in the house. Madhumitha's intentions were also not well received by the audience. Her popularity dropped by the day and she was a likely elimination for this week alongside Abirami.

During his first days, Madhumita was admired for his maturity and calm in dealing with problems. With Vanitha's entry once again, her character changed worse. She used derogatory comments and arguments when unjustified. On day 54, Cheran Madhumita assessed that she lost the action as the women she is fighting for are not bothered by it.

This resulted in Madhumitha considering ending her reign in Bigg Boss House. Cheran inappropriately disagreed with Madhumita & # 39; s decision to leave the house. The host Kamal Haasan was also disappointed with her relocation and suggested that she could have used Ahinsa in this match in which she was involved.

Did Madhumitha fall for Vanitha's plot, or did she hide her real ego?

The first days of Bigg Boss saw another Madhumitha who was loved by the audience. People loved her character and she laid a foundation for herself. In recent times, however, she has done irreparable damage to her image and there was no looking back.

Madhumita's self-expulsion casts doubt on the future prospects of Abirami in the house, as she is likely to be removed this week.

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