Tuesday , May 18 2021

Five-figure game sat on Daniel Sturridge and left Liverpool for Inter Milan

one Blue Craft Worker based in Midlands placed a five-fold bet on Daniel Sturridge's club movements during the period when the Liverpool striker is being investigated to claim transferring game information, Telegraph Sport can reveal.

The man, from a modest background, invested the big bet on the England player who joined Inter Milan on loan in January in the transfer window. Just days later, Sturridge went to West Brom for the rest of the season.

Given the spectacular failure of the betting, there is no suggestion that Sturridge was involved, but the transaction annoyed managers at a leading bookmaker who suspected that the player might have had what he thought was insider information.

The Football Association has refused to confirm whether it is considering betting in connection with Sturridge's investigation for alleged breach of the game.

It had previously been understood that Sturridge's loan move to West Brom on January 29 was the central thread of the FA fee for breaking betting rules. The FA specifically mentioned the "January 2018 period" in its statement, and one of the accusations against Sturridge refers to "disclosure of information that can be used for betting".

In the days before his Baggies swapped, Corriere dello Sport reported that Inter had agreed to take Sturridge to Serie A, originally on loan but with the opportunity to buy in the summer. The report took place approximately one week after the Midlands contribution had been submitted.

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