Monday , October 18 2021

Rafizi accepts defeat, saying party comes first


Defeated Vice Presidential candidate Rafizi Ramli says Azmin Ali won only 2% margin and that was a message that Azmin had to reflect on. (Bernama picture)

PETALING JAYA: Rafizi Ramli said today he accepts defeat in PKR's vice presidency to Mohamed Azmin Ali for the party.

He said that Azmin is a senior minister and former mentery besides. Azmin had also been vice president for two terms.

"Losing an unemployed person I will have forced him to disappear from the political arena," Rafizi said in a long statement.

Furthermore, Rafizi claimed that Azmins supporters would not have made it easy if they had lost in the votes.

He said that Azmin won only 2% margin over him and that was a message that Azmin had to reflect on.

Rafizi also touched on irregularities during the votes he had taken earlier. He said that these were sufficient reasons to demand new elections but he had decided not to drive them.

These irregularities, he said, included unfair handling of the election, failed voices, "data-drying" in the Julau polls and the disturbance of internet connections.

"I have a strong case to ask for new elections, but I am also aware of the interests of the party."

He reminded that people offer themselves as candidates to serve the party and "if the party is caught in a sweep, it will contradict our purpose, which will serve".

He said, for example, if he had insisted on re-election in Julau and won, Sarawak PKR Information Manager Vernon Albert Kedit could have submitted a report with the Registrar and the party would have been brought to court.

In the Julau election, Rafizi claimed that the tablets used for the e-voting system were compromised, but this was denied by the party's election committee (JPP) head Rashid Din.

In his statement, Rafizi supporters thanked nationwide for campaigns for him for free.

"I have no (government) positions and I'm not rich enough to pay everyone, but you served everyone as volunteers," he said.

The election saw Rafizi and Azmin lockhorn in the match for the No. 2 record.

Afif: I won the heart of PKR youth

Dr Afif Bahardin, who lost in his bid to be PKR Youth Chief, said he had lost, he had won over people's hearts.

"We have to accept the results. Rakyat does not want to see us play politics. They want us to continue the reform agenda promised in the election," he said during the PKR youth corner meeting today.

According to sources, Afif, seen in line with Azmin, has been lost by 50 voters to Akmal Nasir.

The deputy youth post was won by Muhammad Hilman Idham.

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