Saturday , October 23 2021

& # 39; Yucatán & # 39; is world champion and Sergio Ramos celebrates it


CITY OF MEXICO .- For the captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team, not all soccer is in this life and proof of this is his huge happiness Celebrate the title of your horse. Serio Ramos met at the International Horse Show (SICAB) in Seville, where he witnessed the participation of "Yucatan", a horse belonging to him, who has competed for three years in which he was invited as world champion and Spanish in a way extremely "explosive" celebrated.

"Yucatán" participated in Morphology category in which the horse's formation, bodily states and movements are taken into account; After meeting big rivals, the horse achieved the title of World Champion so Sergio Ramos exploded in happiness and embraced his family, friends and companions who were with him at this moment, reported the portal.

the Sergio Ramo's horse He has participated in professional competitions since 2015 and it has to be said that he is a winner because of the 13 races where he has seen action. He has proclaimed Champion in 11 of them where he has been called absolute champion, adult champion with better movements , world champion, horse horse master among other admissions, for which he is already a invited competitor.

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Sergio Ramo's feelings were such that Immediately a selfie went up to his Instagram account where he assumed his boy was reached because it was time to go see one of his horses compete even though he was "injured".

The captain of the Spanish national team left the concentration last Thursday due to some discomfort in the adductor, according to the medical section of the federation, so he went to Valdebebas on Friday morning and in the afternoon left this place to go to Sevilla utilizing the free weekend as Solari granted his players.

The obvious damage, Sergio Ramos, does not seem to be for nothing seriously, so it is expected to return to Real Madrid after their crimes to meet Day 13 in the Spanish league when they meet Eibar on Saturday November 24th. The player in earlier times has already identified his passion for horses and this time he could in a fortuitous way see world champion to his partner.

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