Thursday , June 17 2021

Cafu strange to see Mexicans in Libertadores


Marcos Evangelista de Moraes, better known as Cafu, is one of the most awarded Brazilians in the history of Brazilian football. During your stay at Hall of FameHe said that in South America they do not have to see Mexican law and talk about the end of Copa Libertadores

He misses Mexico in competitions, it's a pity he retired because there are big teams, good players, it has always been difficult to play against them. We hope this will be determined and that Mexico will be present again, Brazil says in 2018 the Hall of Fame Investiture Ceremony.

Cafu acknowledged it River Plate and Boca Juniors They are the two best teams in South America today, but he pointed out that they are not the only football forces in this area in the world.

Right now they are the best. They are two major forces for South American football, but there are also good teams. Today in Libertadores, the two best are because they question the final, which should be acknowledged, "added the Brazilian.

The former player of Rome and Milan, would avoid comparisons with players like Marcelo and Dani Alvés, except that the difference between the players now and his time is the world's championship.

Each era is different, what Rivelino won in his time was what he had, what I won is what's up and the future players will win other amounts. And for the latter, if I played today, I would surely earn more than I need, but less than I deserve, "he shared.


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