Tuesday , June 22 2021

El Niño Phenomenon Favorites China in trade war with the US | world

The climate benefits China in its trade war with United States

Thanks to the phenomenon The child, May Brazil deliver more soya than usual in January, which helps to feed China's appetite for oilseeds, while Asian nationals reject American crops.

Japan's meteorological agency said on Friday that the El Niño phenomenon had begun and that it sees a 70% chance that the event will continue until spring.

The conditions were favorable when sowing early mature varieties in Mato Grosso, the largest soybean producing country in Brazil.

The outlook is also good during the second half of the year, when the harvest of early maturation begins, Celso Oliveira, Meteorologist at Somar in São Paulo, told by phone. El Niño indicates lighter and shorter rain in the harvest from December to February.

"It is possible that we will see some rains, but with good sunny days to harvest soybeans and plant the second crop," Oliveira said.

According to the data of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade in Brazil, during the first nine months of the year, while the commercial tensions between the US increased. and China sent 15% more soya to China than in all 2017.

When the plantation in Mato Grosso is almost finished, farmers can start harvesting beans from the new harvest before Christmas instead of just at the end of the year, as they usually do, "said Daniele Siqueira, analyst at AgRural consultant, by telephone. headquarters in Curitiba. This means that by the end of January a larger amount of oil crops will be harvested than normal.

"As the planting speed is at record levels, we will probably see a crop of volumes above average in January if the weather is favorable for field work," he said.

Farmers who supply soybeans in January tend to get better prices than in recent months. In October, the producers sold soy for delivery in January sold prices up to 2.8% higher than for delivery in February, Siqueira said.

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