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Elvis & # 39; s death. The King of Rock And Roll died 42 years ago

Since he separated himself Priscilla Presley, in October 1973, the life of Elvis presley It was canyon down. When he was not involved in extravagant and endless trips, he bought cars, jewelry or lived in his mortgaged mansion. Gracelandwhere I read books about martial arts and spirituality sitting on his throne-sized toilet.

Elvis & # 39; s death. The King of Rock And Roll died 42 years ago

the ineffective Colonel Parker, his manager, took him to often play in Las Vegas, where Elvis sang, while the man running his career played bills on roulette.

Every day is the same, immersed in his bubble of bodyguards and pimps that helped him to something. The so-called Memphis Mafia it was nothing but a run of friends who were struggling to be nearby The king of rock and roll. Out of pocket

42 years Presley had a package of diseases that started in the digestive system and could lead to some 150 kilos. Their periodic admissions were no wonder. It had become a morbid consumer product. Arrhythmias were detected followed by heart and bowel problems. The news reported on their "hypertensive crisis" and doctors were increasingly consulted when it came to Presley, reported that even glaucoma was directly related to his backpack with health problems.

Elvis & # 39; s death. The King of Rock And Roll died 42 years ago

According to the chronicles of the time, his public appearance was "painful". There was nothing more cruel than a review of his shows. Either they wondered where his waist was – cosmic now – or so they delved into the barbiturate plot.

A day before, on August 15, Elvis He got up to pee at four in the afternoon. It was not a nap. He lived in a state of permanent jet lag. Lisa Marie, 9, her daughter, I spent a few weeks with king. That day, Elvis was going to the dentist. Cavities and oral cleaning. By dawn, I was completely clear and exalted. Around. 02 he called his family doctor "the doctor" George Nichopoulosfor a stomach ache he sent her a bag of medication.

Elvis & # 39; s death. The King of Rock And Roll died 42 years ago

Among his greatest successes are "Can't Help Falling In Love," "A Little Less Conversation," and "Rock of the Prison."

"I'm reading in the bathroom," he announced. It was coffee time with milk. A medical researcher who was on the sanitary scene described a bathroom the size of the room with a comfortable toilet "like a black throne." Opposite a TV, two telephones, armchairs and "a three meter diameter circular shower with a vinyl chair in the middle."

About the age, his last conquest, he walked through the mansion, he ignored himself and made a few calls, talked to his mother until he suddenly noticed that Elvis He had not left a place where he could spend hours. Knocked on the door and nothing.

He went in and according to an intersection of testimony that coincides, Elvis "He was lying on the floor with bright pajama pants on his knees and his face lowered into a puddle of vomit." Little Lisa Marie cried Like the baby, she was. The section was categorical: "Elvis had suffered an overdose."

A laboratory report determined that 14 different substances were found in your body, ten of them in industrial quantities. In a subsequent study, it was discovered that about ten thousand doses of medication were prescribed on behalf of the patient Elvis presley. Then they performed the autopsy and it would be known: There were 14 different types of medicine in the stomach.

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