Friday , May 14 2021

Football Hall of Fame 2018: Revive the Investiture Ceremony

Pachuca, Hidalgo –

the Investment Ceremony 2018 of Football Hall of Fame had the tears off Arlindo dos Santos, Miguel Zelada and off Aaron Padilla son as the most memorable moments, along with the Brazilian masters' speech Cafu and Rivelino with devotion to Mexico.

Rivelino He raised his recognition as if it were a cup before remembering that Mexico and Guadalajara are like his home: "Thank you for gaining this recognition in life and above all to I feel at home here in Mexico".

While Ailton da Silva, two-time champion with Pumas, presented the investiture of Cafu with a joke "I had a speech but I ran out of battery" and recalled the World Championship Foundation twice, helping more than 950 children in the Amazon country.

"I am very honored to be a part of this group of people who have made history in football. For me, the reason is not a school where we try to form citizens, give hope and practice for children, as the captain of the Brazilian national team 2002 would deliver that trophy to the Brazilian people. I thank all the Mexican people, says Marcos Evangelista.

Hector Miguel Zelada gave a speech in which was the joy and joke of the emotional moment: "I came to Mexico's most important club", he remembers with laughter but tears almost in tears to close his speech "It's my passport to heaven".

The tears should be by Aaron Padilla son of his father and with Arlindo dos to remember his family and son, who died at the age of eight.

Earlier, in the women's category they were decorated María Eugenia "Peque" Rubio and Silvia Neid, World champion like player, coach and gold in Rio 2016.

To recognize the international dean Juan Alberto Schiaffino, which was a part of uruguay He won the World Cup in 1950, the speech by Héctor Hugo Eugui, who reminded several anecdotes and ended with the phrase "Uruguay no más".

Guillermo Álvarez, president of Cruz Azul, commended the former celeste player Fernando Bustos and his family, while Miguel Mejía Barón He was not present because he thought he did not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, although Bora Multinovic, Ricardo Ferretti and Luis Garcia were unwilling to devote themselves to recognition words.

The other big absent was Italian Roberto Baggio, from which a video was shown highlighting its spiritual side in a Buddhist temple.

The investment of Carlos Salvador Bilardo was responsible for Alejandro Domínguez, President of CONMEBOL, who recalled some of the doctor's results, absent due to health problems.

"He was known for his phrases as" doctors concentrate for 12 hours so their patients do not die, I only ask you 90 minutes, "said Dominguez about the Bilardo World Champion coach in 1986.

Another of the emotional moments was the projection of images of all the characters related to football that last year, including Jorge "Che" Ventura, Ezequiel Orozco, Rafael Amador, Luis Bonini, Marbella Ibarra, Melquiades Sánchez Orozco and Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, former president of Leicester.


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