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How can you tell if they are spying on your phone?

The temptation has always been there, leaving your partner phone number to hand and curiosity to browse your files as photos and conversations of WhatsApp. In fact, according to Kaspersky Labthe 27% of Mexican supports spy on to his couple online compared to 38% of Latin Americans.

This type of behavior has always existed, but there are now tools that allow you to do so digital way without knowledge and much less with the consent of the person concerned.


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Nokia 4.2 is already in MexicoNokia 4.2 is already in Mexico

This phenomenon has been baptized just like "stalkerware”, A software that not only allows your partner, but yourself and anyone can be touted without have consciousness of the. According to Kaspersky, this kind apps remain hidden and keep their users aware of the device's location, browser history, text messages, conversations on social networks, and others. Even some of them can record video and voice.

How can I tell if my phone has stalkerware?

US radio show, Kim Komando, indicated a procedure for know yes you equipment have this installed spyware, which is the appearance of pop-up windows in the browser, as well as a sudden increase in email spam and receiving text messages from strangers too often.

Another sign of infection is battery performance as a device with stalkerware consumes more phone resources so it works harder and therefore the battery runs out faster. If a sudden decrease in battery performance is detected phone number, you must suspect and take the necessary precautions.


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Galaxy A80, Samsung mobile with rotary cameraGalaxy A80, Samsung mobile with rotary camera

How do you protect yourself from stalkerware?

The company Kaspersky He recommended a number of tips to prevent them from installing this software on your device and spying on you.

Protect your devices with reliable passwords and never reveal them, not even to your family members.

Avoid installing third-party applications. This will protect you from stalkerware and malware.

Check the programs installed on yours phone number in periodic intervals and remove the ones you don't need. It will also free up memory and reduce paid traffic.

Use reliable protection. While stalkerware is considered legal in some countries and does not fall within the definition of malware per se, many antivirus users detect and warn it; they refer to him as one no viruses, a kind of threat you should not ignore.


Manufacturers were terminated in a California EU court because several models of their phones had radiation levels higher than allowed

They condemn Apple and Samsung for radiating their phonesThey condemn Apple and Samsung for radiating their phones

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