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I will continue to rebuild the park, although the prosecutor's office takes me as a client: Víctor Hugo Romo

Víctor Hugo Romo, owner of Miguel Hidalgo Municipal Office, warned Saturday that he will continue the conversion of a private park in the social reform colony, even though it means he becomes "a client" of the public ministry.

"I warn that I will continue to provide maintenance and that if I continue to stay here (Prosecutor's Office) I will be a customer," he said after leaving office at MP Park Lira Avenue.

Romo said he came in contact with the government chief, José Ramón Amieva, and the elected government chief, Claudia Sheinbaum, who agreed that "in solidarity" will propose a legal path for the site to be "Use and Public Use".

The mayor of Miguel Hidalgo explained that an investigation file was opened for violation intrusion and to disrupt private property functions.

Romo stressed that the rebuilding work, which was to be carried out by a crew of 300 workers, began with the fall of two trees, which he said almost killed two people.

On Saturday, the Mayor of Miguel Hidalgo was arrested by police members when he was in place with a bunch of 300 workers.

When the work team participated in the rebuilding work, the park's legal representative arrived at the place, at which time corresponding measures were taken which ended in the arrest of Hugo Romo.

Romo confirmed, before he went up to the patrol to be handed over to the public ministry, that the neighbors in the demarcation had asked to "check out" the colony and the park; nevertheless, he declared that the park went from being public to private, a situation "long time ago".

"We know about the conflict that has been around for a long time, I am responsible for getting the crew to the public park, which is now private and benefits many people, I will be left because the crew are not guilty, they only got one instruction, "added the mayor of Miguel Hidalgo.

They have arrested me for joining Social Reform Park !!

Published by Victor Hugo Romo Guerra Saturday, November 17, 2018

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