Friday , October 22 2021

"La Llorona" was seen by families in Chihuahua


CHIHUAHUA.- State and municipal police received dozens of calls to residents of Punta de Oriente, all reported a number of strange events about the appearance of women walk the streets early in the morning, which they think is "La Llorona".

According to the debate, the police elements moved to Punta la Gayta street, the corner of Punta las Guardias where they met with residents, revealing that they had seen walking the street to "La Llorona", the woman in the famous doctor Mexican.

The neighbors described Woman with long hair, disheveled, with a white cloak and goes screaming.

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"She's the crying woman," exclaimed the neighbors afraid.

The villagers pointed out that the woman emits strong cry and seems to be a unit that has no feet because it seems to flow. Her picture is pale, with long, disheveled hair that dresses her scary figure with a white cloak.

According to the neighbors, it The sounds that the woman emits is heartbreaking and immediately fears his paws and sobs is accompanied by the phrase with which he primarily makes his voice sound: Ayyyyy! The woman screamed desperately.

The uniformed people realized the woman's search after several minutes, without being able to locate the supposed "Llorona", departing from the place, finishing the red note in Mexico.


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