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Learn about the 7 benefits of vaseline to wrinkles


These can also be useful for men, depending on how much they care and moisturize the skin

Learn about the 7 benefits of vaseline to wrinkles

Anti-aging can soften, tighten, light, light and so on.

A group of top mathematicians revealed intimate basic secrets in a woman's daily life, but these can also be useful to men, depending on how much they care and moisturize the skin.

Believe it or not, beauty care is not always as expensive as you probably think. Vaseline can help you fade or eliminate fine lines.

It should be noted that Vaseline was one of the recommended, as it maintains and seals the hydration that the skin may need.

As long as you do not exaggerate when applying, abundance can produce more fat than usual on your face.

1.- "Having a special product for the eyes is very important for people over 25 years.
My favorite is Elizabeth Arden because it contains peptides to help collagen and elastin to confirm flaccidity, while hyaluronic acid and ceramide make the skin smooth and even.
In addition, the shape of the capsule ensures that each use is unique, making it easier! Throwing them in the refrigerator gives a deflation effect. It refreshes the sensitive surface of the eye and reduces the underlying blood vessels. "-Dendy Engelman, M.D.

2.- "I am currently using Neocutis Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream, [que es] soft and moisturizing [Yo] I always massage gently after using a cleaning cloth or washing my face. "-Mary Stevenson, M.D.

3.- "I like two eye creams, and both are for different uses. The first Shiffa Rejuventaing Eye Remedy is luxurious, organic and very effective for those with dark circles under the eyes. Another eye cream I like is the renovation room for Murad's eyes.
The use of products with retinol under the eyes is very important, but due to its nature, some may cause excessive dryness. This eye cream is well tolerated and allows the retinol's magic to function, tightens the skin under the eyes and smooths wrinkles. "-Lamees Hamdan, M.D.

4.- "After applying a prescribed retinoid on my face – at night – (including a very small amount in the area under the eyes), I apply Aquaphor or Vaseline ointment on my upper and lower eyelids to maintain and seal the hydrogenation.
Remember to be careful with the application: Never drag or drop the eyelid, but carefully gently apply the products with the ring finger because it has a pointer easier than your index finger. "-Shari Marchbein, MD.

5.- "I personally use a recovery complex directly under my eyes.
If I need additional moisture, I use TNS eye cream.
You can also use it around your lips, especially the upper lip, to help with fine lines. I give it a gentle pat and lifts it from the middle to the leg. "-Jennifer Levine, M.D.

6.- "Not all eye heaters are the same. Formulations that reduce wrinkles fill in while vacuum cleaners do the opposite.
Anti-aging can soften, tighten, light, light, etc. Read the labels! My favorites are the cellular essence of the eyes of La Prairie Platinum Rate, as it moisturises and buckles, and SkinBetter Science Interfuse Eye Cream, a neuro-altering peptide that has a wrinkle reduction effect.
Do not apply within 30 minutes before sleep. "-Francesca Fusco, M.D.

7.- "MDNA Skin Eye Serum is the latest luxury treatment to attack the appearance of swelling under the eye, fine lines and crow feet.
The eye serum provides a concentrated dose of hardening hydration with a mixture of hyaluronic acid, a patented blend of holy water and lotus flower extract rich in antioxidants.
Eye serum works best with MDNA SKIN eye mask, which helps to deflect, tighten and tone the eye area before a new application. "-Paul Jarrod Frank, M.D.

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