Thursday , May 13 2021

Misael Rodríguez, from boxing to enjoy Exatlón

Misael Rodríguez he played everything in Exatlón 2018. The Mexican boxer told him that participation in a reality show could hurt his career, but after experience he realized that this is not the case.

The boxer, with a score of eight (4 KO), told UNIVERSAL SPORTS his experience during the second season of the television program of TV Azteca.

"Before I arrived, I spoke with my coaches. My career breaks me, I have eight professional fights and I had the ninth in August, but I had to cancel it to get in here and I knew I would lose two fights that would give me experience, but it was worth connecting to people.

"It was a dream I had to be a reality show. I took this opportunity into account, because in the future I want them to feel like I am, I want to make history for Mexico. Earlier champion was in contact with the people, as in time Julio Cesar Chávez everyone defended it. I want to be an idol for Mexicans. "

What's coming for "Chino "Rodríguez?

The 24-year-old from Parralense is clear, will try to resume his level as soon as possible. He hopes to climb the fireside in January next year. Meanwhile, the winner of a bronze medal in Rio 2016 Olympic Games, you will enjoy the good times that happened in the popular series of TV Azteca.

"I lived there, I liked it. I had never imagined being in a reality show, it was a risky decision for my career, but it was worth it. It's a hundred percent sports program, where you can be an example for young people, he says.

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