Tuesday , August 3 2021

Peter Fonda was born and died wild

With a good rock song. If possible, "Born to be wild". It's the best way to remember Peter Fonda, who died yesterday at the age of 79.

The song is perfect because Fonda was actually a man who put freedom above any taboo.

It's easy to verify, as it was just last March in Mexico to receive a tribute at the Guadalajara International Film Festival. Far from solemn, he talked about cinema, yes, but also about mezcal and marijuana.

I tell how he gave marijuana to Jack Nicholson in the middle of the filming of what became known in Mexico as I looked for my fate (the title of English is Easy Rider) and whose opening sequence is the character of Fonda aboard a motorcycle and the song "Born to be wild" in the background.

Brother of Jane Fonda (Barbarella) and father of Bridget (Jackie Brown), the histrion added in his filmography more than 100 films, including Open Season and Escape from Los Angeles, as well as two Oscar nominations.

"But I want to do everything when I die, the good thing about being an actor is that I can work until it happens: somebody has to make him a grandfather, an older uncle, things like that, and I hope that work until he dies, and just before he dies, I can drink tequila, ”he joked at that time at La Perla Tapatía.

ficg_103118126.jpg "src =" http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/sites/default/files/u39647/ficg_103118126.jpg "style =" width: 567px; height: 349px; "/><br /><em>In March, he was at the Guadalajara Film Festival.</em> </p>
<p>"Not all roles are good, or not all performances are, my dad always called himself a traveling actor, he felt ashamed to be called the main character and to guide others. I want to be a traveling actor," he said when he received Mayahuel.</p>
<p>He had details that in the Easy Rider sequence, where Nicholson's character struggles in his speech that there will be aliens that alleviate humanity's problems while looking up and trying to remember what to say, it really was.</p>
<p>"I said, & # 39; Jack, you don't get attached to it." He just smiled, turned on the churro and said he tasted pretty good. I told him to keep it in his lungs and then we cut to the motorcycles and in the background everything was crushed.</p>
<p>"He continued to smoke, I knew he had studied the script very well, his part was complicated and every time we got closer to him, and he forgot what he was following," he said with laughter from the audience</p>
<p>Peter Fonda died yesterday at the age of 79 after suffering a respiratory failure due to lung cancer, his family said in a statement.</p>
<p>"With deep regret, we share the news that Peter Fonda is dead," said the actor's family.</p>
<p>Fonda died at her Los Angeles home in the morning.</p>
<p>"As we mourn the loss of this sweet and kind man, we also all want to celebrate his indomitable spirit and his love for life," the family says in the text.</p>
<p>"In Peter's honor, please always ensure freedom," he added in the statement.</p>
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