Wednesday , February 24 2021

The bank's revenue through commissions exceeds 70 500 mdp in September

CITY MEXICO – In September, tax revenues and net amounts for the multiple banks exceeded PES 70.5 billion, which corresponded to 49.3% of the results of the sector's operations, which amounted to more than 139.3 billion pesos during the month's reference.

These commissions had an annual increase of 3.9% in September, according to the report by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV),

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The broader commissioned commercial banks registered at the end of the third quarter contributed to the sector boosting profits of over 114,900 million pesos, a figure that meant an annual interest rate of 9.2 percent or about 10,000 million pesos.

In addition to the positive effect of the high income from commissions and net prices until September, the banking sector's net profit was related to the annual increase of 4.9 percent of the total credit portfolio, which exceeded 5 billion 44,000 mdp, as well as 3.8% drainage area amounting to 5 billion 490 000 mp.

He added that, within the total portfolio, commercial credit reported an annual expansion of 6%, which amounted to more than three billion 226,000 million pesos.

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While the consumer portfolio encrypted an increase of 2.1% to reach more than one billion 19,000 million pesos, while the housing portfolio recorded an increase of 4.1% to reach more than 798,000 million pesos, he said.

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