Wednesday , October 20 2021

The Health Secretariat is working on preparing the National Strategic Plan against Hepatitis


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Prevention of hepatitis B and C is the main objective of the National Strategic Plan, currently being developed by technical staff at the Ministry of Health, supported by the Pan American Health Organization.

This plan will define key areas such as the promotion, prevention and treatment of these types of liver disease to reduce the number of cases through contagious pathologies, thereby improving the quality of life of those they already suffer.

Marco Urquía, technologically integrated healthcare team, said that "this type of hepatitis B and C is the most affected population, it has shown that hepatitis C is one of the pathologies that occur in people they are not suffering and treated, liver cancer and liver cirrhosis."

This plan has been developed for a year, is intended to be presented at the end of December, so that from January 2019 begins to strengthen the monitoring and treatment of hepatitis.


Hepatitis is manifested by the condition of the liver, starting with the yellowish color of the skin, yellowish eyes, there are also signs of urine that becomes dark and then changes in liver function.

Prevention and curable

Type B and C hepatitis are transmitted through sexual contact, so it becomes a preventable disease if protective measures are taken, such as the use of condoms.

It is also transmitted through blood transfusions, so that all blood donors are given a series of tests before taking up, to ensure disease-free blood it can also be transferred from a pregnant mother to her baby.

Hepatitis can be prevented by vaccine (Type B) and is also curable, with the antiretroviral treatment available at the Ministry of Health, which consists of a type of controlled medication, which is delivered continuously for 90 days, that is, three months with which the healing and life span is insured.

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