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They stop Carlos Ahumada; was a pair of Rosario Robles, today's exchange



Carlos Smoked Kurtz, ex-partner of Rosario Robles, was arrested in Argentina at the request of Attorney General's Office (FGR).

The businessman in Mexico is charged with tax fraud against the public finance ministry for a million 472 thousand 236 pesos to pay income tax.

FGR said this case started in 2016 and was resumed by this administration.

Following his capture of Interpol, Ahumada was led to a center for the Argentine federal police pending the extradition process that will launch the FGR. The cause will be taken by Judge Sebastián Ramos.

According to Argentine journalists, I had 100 thousand dollars at the time of his concern, took place at an airport in Buenos Aires.

In 2004, the businessman caused a scuffle in Mexico's political left when he appeared in video scandals, giving money to PRD's as René Bejarano, husband of current federal deputy Dolores Padierna.

In this case, he fled to Cuba but was extradited and remained in jail until 2007.

FGR asked to stop the smoke

Carlos Ahumada Kurtz, sentimental ex-partner of Rosario Robles Berlanga, author of the so-called video scandals, was arrested in Argentina at the request of the Mexican government.

The businessman of Argentine origin is accused in Mexico of tax fraud against the Public Finance Ministry for an amount of one million 472 thousand 236 pesos for the payment of income tax (ISR).

The arrest was made by the Federal Police of Argentina and Interpol agents because he had an international red card capture order requested by the Attorney General's Office (FGR) and the extradition process to our office will begin immediately.

100 a thousand dollars cash that the businessman had in his possession when he was arrested in Buenos Aires, Argentina

At the time of his fears in the international port Jorge Newbery Airpark from Buenos Aires, Ahumada Kurtz had $ 100,000 cash.

According to the Office of the Attorney General, the investigation against the Argentinian businessman began in 2016 and was resumed by this administration, resulting in preventive detention through the Interpol system, due to which will immediately begin the extradition process.

Carlos Ahumada Kurtz filed in Fugitive and Extraction Investigation Division of the Federal Police awaiting the corresponding procedures to be brought to Mexico.

The case is being conducted by Argentine federal judge Sebastián Ramos.


excelsior on August 1, advised that the Attorney General has the elements to take a criminal case and indict Carlos Ahumada before a federal judge for allegedly engaging in extermination crimes, actual fraud, falsifying documents and using false documents to replace Rosario Robles.

The investigations against Ahumada stem from a complaint filed by the former Secretary of Social Development, which assured the federal public ministry that on August 21, 2014, the businessman tried to blackmail her.

Robles Berlanga blamed the subtraction in 2013 for three blank sheets with her signature on them “and that she was sent, through a third party, a threat that, according to Ahumada, he should use these blank signatures, so they offended acknowledged a millionaire debt. "


On March 3, 2004, in a television program, a video was released in which Carlos Ahumada appeared and handed out liquids of bills to René Bejarano, private secretary of the then federal district government, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Rosario Robles was the sentimental couple of Carlos Ahumada and after revealing the scandal, he announced his resignation to PRD.

For these facts, Bejarano was jailed from November 10, 2004 to July 6, 2005.

Among the list of recipients of entrepreneurial origins were Carlos Ímaz, then Claudia Sheinbaum's husband, and Ramón Sosamontes, who is now also involved in the so-called master scam by being the former head of the then-holder's office Ministry of Social Development.

The smoke was arrested in April 2004 in Cuba and extradited to Mexico, where he was sent to prison until 2007 for irregularities in a contract of 31 million pesos with the then delegation Gustavo A. Madero.

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