Wednesday , June 23 2021

VIDEO. Juan Gabriel lives and will return in December!

Speculation about what Juan Gabriel are alive again they returned to shake showbiz.

And it is Joaquín Muñoz, former chief and alleged former partner of Divo de Juárez, He confirmed that in December the singer will recover.

"He simulated his death, he is not there to hide because he has not killed or is a drug dealer, absolutely nothing," said Muñoz.

"He is in a house and he is good," he said in an interview Televisa intruder.

He assured that the coming month (on December 15th) will pop up again Juan Gabriel

"In general, because he will leave, he is already bored of what he is, the situation he is experiencing is a horrible situation," said Muñoz.

the Former boss assured that on July 8 he met Divo de Juárez.

"Take Malito, because he's diabetic, he's cutting his toenail, he's stuck, he's got a kiss and his foot is very inflamed," he said.

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