Saturday , October 23 2021

Arrest d'un recidiviste pour full of the drugs of the hospital d'Azrou


Arrest of the Reciprocist for his implication in the summary of the drugs of the hospital multidisciplinary d'Azrou

The Police Judiciary Brigade is relevant to the Azrou, an arrest, mercantile, individual 23 or so, auxiliary judges, a principal responsible for the drug and the comrades of the country bureaux de l'hôpital multidisciplinary de la ville.

Selection of the Directorate General of the National Health Service (DGSN), the services of the health department in the newspaper of the administration of the hospital, indirect disparity, dance of inconstances, the booths of the medical contingent of dance utilities the treatment of maladies psychologically and neurologically, which is a necessity for the opening of a survey of minute ayant about the arrest of a suspect principal in the case of the drug and possession of the drug stores.

Research into the effects of the cadre of this affair on the recipient of a large part of the medical staff, in terms of analysis and coordination and coordination of the medical authorities, as well as the community, the state of the individual state arrest. soupçonné d'avoir participates in this crime.

The cause and effect of a place and guard in the disposition of the inquiry so as to supervise the competent authority for the electorate of tenants and about the officers of the case and arrest of suspects, concludes the DGSN.

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