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Aswak Assalam puts 200 million DH in Settat

By The Economist | 08/11/2018 – 10:16 | part
Aswak Assalam puts 200 million DH in Settat

Aswak Assalam is pursuing its development strategy. The subsidiary of the Ynna Holding Group, specializing in large-scale distribution, has just begun to build its Aswak Chaouia project in collaboration with the town of Settat. This project, whose investment reaches 200 million DH, is located at the north entrance to Settat. It aims to contribute to the economic growth of the region and to participate in its attractiveness.

A total of 500 jobs will be created during the construction period, estimated at 30 months. During the business period 500 direct jobs and 300 indirect jobs are planned. In addition to a shopping mall with an Aswak Assalam 5,000 sqm hypermarket, the project will include an aparthotel, a parking space and complemented by a car show room and a gas station.

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