Friday , April 23 2021

Celine Dion and her sons' sons: She sends a strong message

Celine Dion is the happy mother of three boys born in her marriage with her late husband René Angélil: René-Charles, 17, and twins Nelson and Eddy who celebrated their 8th birthday in October in October. The 50-year-old Canadian star is not only an inevitable singer but also a formidable businesswoman. She recently released a collection of non-sexual clothing with the Nununu brand, announced by an offbeat video where she is handed by police in the middle of infants. This advertisement is in the continuity of the change of its image that has been run over the past two years.

In an interview for the HLN channel with the two founders of Nununu, Céline Dion spoke about her children and the kind of education she has given them for years, as she was inspired by for this collaboration. called Celinununu. "the The first time I took them to Disneyland, I thought they would rush on the super hero. But they were looking for princesses. And they all wanted to be Minnie Mouse. So I asked them "And Mickey?"and then I thought"You know, that's okay. You know why it's okay because they're looking for themselves, "she said, referring to her eldest, who had long hair, just like her twins.

The star then delivered a very strong message, a ban on imposing its opinion, on the contrary. Everyone must choose the values ​​we want to transfer, but his own could not be clearer: "Let your children tell you how they feel. You do not know what your children will be later. And you do not want them to be psychologically stuck and saying & # 39;I'll be so, I'll say so, I should dress it. Because I'm a boy, I'll do it. No. Let people be who they really are, as fast and as soon as possible"she explained with strength and conviction.

To be sure that her message has been forwarded, Celine Dion has published her interview on her social networks, followed by millions of subscribers.

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