Sunday , February 28 2021

Charles Aznavour son is preparing a posthumous album

On October 1, Charles Aznavour disappeared at the age of 94. After the fortnight of sorrow imposed by the Armenian tradition, Mischa, one of his sons, was silent on Wednesday to talk about his father's memory on RTL and reveal several artistic projects his family works with.

According to his son, Charles Aznavour "recorded five-six tracks when we made the album encore (Editor's Note: His Last, Released 2015) and others were already prepared, assembled, arranged, but he did not have the voices on it. "" Maybe he adds, there may be an album (…) where he would have six titles with my father and six other titles he would have given to people he liked much. "

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He evokes singers with whom his father "had affinities", like Dany Brillant, presented at his funeral at Invalides on October 5, or Serge Lama, who sang to him at the Francophonie Summit in Yerevan, Armenia. In order to keep in mind the great Charles, the family Aznavour also plans to broadcast a movie he shot in Super 8 and a television series of animation based on his love songs.

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