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Eau and bouteille: les produits marocains parmi les plus chers du monde!

Couple Wadie El Mouden le 17/08/2019 à 15h29

Eau and bolts

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Pour acheter de l'eau and bouteille, les Casablancais pays and average environment 50% de plus que habitats de villes similaires of the region MENA, fait savoir la Banque global dance and report on the private marocain sector.

Read the distortion rules and the competition competition to ave the effect of the price of the principal products of the consumer alimentary soils netement plus the levees in Maroc. It is the conclusion of the conclusions of the Banque global dance that follows the report of the private Morocco sector. Pour illustrates his proposal, the report's reference to the agency's Citizens' Communiqué of the Principal Products of Consumption and the Attribution of Attention to Maroc and Courses of Others.

The results of our evaluation are empirical national comparisons of the prix de l'eau embossillée in Maroc in the region of the MENA region and of the tendency to mount the prix without effectivement nettement plus elevations in Maroc, as well as the Banque global.

The detail, the results of the empirical indices are the average price in Morocco, with the environment around 17% plus the level of the ensemble of the MENA region, the OCDE and the certainty of the pays pairs.

Lorsque l'on compare the price with the principle villas, the results suggest a price of the price plus more: Casablanca habitants pay an average of 50% of the plus and the amount of habitats of the villas similaires of the region MENA.

By Wadie El Mouden

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