Friday , June 25 2021

Heading for USMH – Kabylie Dispatch

JSMB players continue to prepare for tomorrow's meeting against USM El Harrach as part of the 12th round of the Ligue 2 Mobilis championship. A good atmosphere reigns during training, after the latest success at home at the expense of JSM Skikda. The technical staff, led by the duo Haddou Moulay and Hakim Amaouche, took the last adjustments yesterday before the departure of the Bejaouie delegation this morning for the capital. The psychological aspect has been worked since Samy Boussekine's withdrawal, the effect of encouraging players to keep their focus on this exit to Algiers suburbs. A confrontation by Hakim Amaouche and Haddou Moulay takes advantage of the crisis experienced by Yellow and Black. The players are determined to adapt another positive result, why not a first success outside their bases this season. Bejaoui midfielder Zoheir Benayache told us: "The preparation goes well and everyone is ready to challenge the USMH challenge and maintain this good mood in the group. We will go to El Harrach to defend our chances, despite the difficulty of our mission to a opponents who will do anything to click against us.

JSMB – ESM, November 18th

Certainly, the league organized by Abdelkrim Medouar just juggles the reports repeatedly. In fact, the match between JSM Béjaïa and ES Mostaganem, on behalf of the 14th and second last day of the first team of the League 2 Mobilis championship, will finally take place on Sunday, November 18th in the arena. by UMA. The reason for this postponement is that the day before, at the same stage there will be the match delay that will lead to MOB and MCA (13th league 1).
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