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JSK 2 – NAHD 1: JSK does not release USMA

Just 4 days after his fall at Bologhine after 11 matches without defeat, the cabs set the train back on track by defeating NAHD 2-1.

It's with a surprising tactical device that Dumas attacked the game, a 3-5-2 no-one expected, even the opponents staff, that's also the reason that might have driven locals to take the game to their account and pressed NAHD to start cautiously by closing all the spaces while continuing the disadvantages. It was not until 21e minute and Uche goals for the Canary Islands to free themselves, but it opened the door to visitors and began to exploit the loopholes of Franck Duma's defensive system, Slama on one day without making it easy for Khacef et al. pressed, they could be leveled before half time, but the first half ended on a small goal in advance for the locals.

Name, class and help!

I 2e Halfway, NAHD continued to squeeze and quickly they got what they wanted, leveling at 47, one goal that put pressure on coach Dumas who decided to abandon his system to 3 defenders, adaptation of the duo Ait Abdeslam and Benyoucef found a classic system with a defense of 4 that allowed JSK to find his game, it has to be said that Boukhanchouche who has given Benyoucef is missing, he who is terribly missing from the competition, replaced his replacement starting with an injury a certain battles, but it's Tafni, everywhere in this match that dazzled the presents with accelerations, dribbles and special help, it's he who has put the ball on Uche head for 1st goal and it is still he who earned Hamroune under good conditions to register goal 2-1, prove to the current and his coach that he is ready to fully take the role that was until then Benaldjia.

Right or left, in the middle or directly offensive, he played as a wing and even as a leader, an offensive cocktail that proved to be explosive and it was NAHD who had to pay the bill, 2-1 for JSK, the match was not perfect , the players seemed blunt late in the game, but the will was there, it is important to reduce the gap with the leader to 4 units, Kabyle does not let go and will not stop impressing.

  1. HRS.

Step 1st-November


JSK: Uche (21 & # 39;), Hamroun (74 & # 39;)

NAHD: Dib (47 & # 39;)


Salhi 3

Chetti 4

Slama 2

(Ait Abdeslam 57 & # 39;) 4

Tizi Bouali 0

Saâdou 3

Benkhelifa 3

Boukhanchouche 3

(Benyoucef 56 & # 39;) 3

Hamroun 4

Oukaci 3

Week 4

(Renaï 87 & # 39;)

Name 5

Ent. : Dumas


Boussouf 3

Dib 4

Yaïche 3

(Baali 76 & # 39;)

Khiat 4

Laribi 3

El-Orfi 4

Harrag 3

Khacef 4

(Mouaki 76 & # 39;)

Yousfi 4

(Chouiter 68 & # 39;)

Ouertalani 4

Brahimi 3

Ent. : Lacete

Practical field, good weather, many prosperity, MM arbitration. Saidi, Hadj Said and Miraoui


JSK: Slama (43 & # 39;), Tizi Bouali (56 & # 39;)

NAHD: Yaïche (60 & # 39;), Yousfi (65 & # 39;)

Exp. :

JSK: Tizi Bouali (after the final whistle)

Match's movie:

12 & # 39; Target opportunity (R) Uche takes the ball in good conditions, but he misses it and with a good opportunity to open the score.

16 & # 39; Harrag from distance, but can not find the frame.

18 Saâdou saves JSK a goal by performing a perfect tackle in full area at Khacef.

21 'Tafni makes a free kick from left to Uche, strangely alone in front of Boussouf, and opens the score for JSK 1-0.

30 & # 39; Boukhanchouche doubled almost the wire, the head crossed and reached 6 meters.

47 & # 39; Against NAHD, Yousfi Khacef serves on the left side, centering on Dib's head alone at 2e mail, equalizer for NAHD (1-1).

74 "Hammer still focuses him, the latter dams the leather of the chest and continues with a shot from the right and gives the advantage to the Canary Islands 2-1.

78 & # 39; Target Opportunity (L) Uche takes a shot from 30 yards that takes very far.

90 & # 39; Target Option (C) Mouaki takes the ball in the right conditions, but slides straight over the middle.

There was really a mistake at Tizi Bouali

JSK was denied flagrant punishment yesterday, more specifically at 57 "when Tizi Bouali went to shake NAHD's defense in his camp, he dumped a defender of NAHD and the latter made a mistake, a curse-footed to JSK's central defenders who collapsed, but Saidi found that there was nothing, he even accused the Kabyle simulation of boasting him the yellow card, an act that set the stadium in turbulence, especially as the score at that time was 1-1.

Profit from reserve JSK 2-1

The men of the duo Kherroubi-Ait Abderrahmane managed a beautiful victory yesterday 2-1 on NAHD thanks to the achievements of Mebarki and Dahlal.

Nevertheless, NAHD opened the brand in 2e period before Kabyle's return that took the game on its own and could turn things around.

Note that the NAHD staff did not accept the defeat and challenged them judgmentally, they were mad at him.

This victory is the 5the in 6 matches for the teammates of Mekideche, who make a series of 6 matches without defeat.

Thirty NAHD supporters present

The NAHD team was supported yesterday by about thirty supporters who made the short trip to Algiers.

Finally a JSK-NAHD in the presence of the public

Yesterday's match played in front of an almost full stadium came after two matches between the two clubs played in the camera so it took 3 years for fans of both clubs to participate in a match between these two old clubs.

4th winless match for NAHD

By entering a bitter defeat yesterday against JSK, in a meeting where NAHD clearly does not deserve, the blood and gold have adapted a 4e consecutive meeting without the slightest victory. Sang one Or did not have enough to blame, in a match that saw the NAHD Assassin JSK in his court and in front of his audience.

Bachir Ould-Zmirli had dinner with the players the day before the meeting

In a measure that deserves to be emphasized, the President of Nasria Bashir Ould-Zmirli made a very noticeable gesture, the day before the meeting, moved to Draa Ben, kidding with his brother Mahfoud, where he spent a lot of time talking to the players, calm them and urge them on the threshold of a big game. The Nahdist boss also had dinner with the players at the Hotel des Deux Palmiers in DBK before coming home late in the evening. A gesture was appreciated by the players who returned the favor on the field, but the result did not follow.

Abdeslam: "We are really tired of this judge, injustice must stop"

Re-assembled and very angry after Judge Saïdi, General Manager of Nasria Sherif Abdeslam did not hug his words after the meeting, who said to us warmly: "Sincerely, we were still stolen today. It is very sad and depressing to suffer each time the arbitration. Everyone has seen through the national television document that there was clearly a punishment on Dib, but again the judge has made him depriving us of a positive result that we really deserved. We are really tired of this judge, he has sabotaged us many times earlier, and he does it again, this injustice must end, we are a respectful club, we never talk about judges, of all injustices we have suffered since the beginning of the season, but patience really has limits, it has to stop. I want to congratulate the players Their performance, those who made a big achievement today did better than JSK games, we deserved better. "


Dumas: "We are neither Barcelona nor Arsenal to have a single game system"

Coach Franck Dumas has tried several tactical arrangements since the start of the championship. He played 4-3-3, 4-4-2 before he chose yesterday for 3-5-2 to finally return to 4-4-2 after the NAHD equalizer at 47e minute. For this purpose, he explained during the press conference after the match. "We are neither FC Barcelona nor Arsenal to have a single game system. We have to change every time to get the best game system that suits us." You know that in order to get the fruit we have to shake the tree and that's what we do. "

"We may be wrong, but basically the players are adjusting"

Despite the good course he has achieved with a young team and no-one has won any penny, the French coach has acknowledged that he may be wrong in his choice and in his game system. every time the game system may be wrong, but the most important thing is that my players adjust. They are characteristic and I am proud of them, "he said at the beginning of his press conference.

"I know I was surprised by my changes, my tactical choices and my game strategy"

Coach of the Yellow and Green continues to surprise by his choice of players and his game strategy. He himself acknowledged that he knows his choice is surprising. "I was surprised by my changes, my tactical choices and my game strategy. With me no one can predict the eleven that will play or the gaming system we play", he defies.

"Even the players do not know who's going to play or not, because I announce the eleven last minute"

If it was easy to announce the starting line for Yellow and Green, it has not happened since Franck Duma's arrival. He commented on this by announcing that journalists become the last to know the eleven he will be setting up. "You are the last one who knows the eleven, because even the players do not know who will play or not. I give them the eleven last minute, that is, the meeting," said Franck Dumas.

"I have to hear Tizi Bouali before I talk about what happened"

On the attack on El-Orfi by Tizi-Bouali, Franck Dumas refused to say anything on the grounds that he did not know what really happened. "I must first talk to Tizi Bouali and tell him to express what happened. I do not even know why he took the red card," he said.

"My system is not trusting only one player"

With the suspension of Tizi-Bouali against CSC, the French coach was questioned during the press conference if he did not intend to change his game system, the answer was clear: "My system and my work do not rest on only one player."

"I can not judge Boukhanchouche because he did not play on his post"

Titularized on the right side, Salim Boukhanchouche did not make the most of him, which led him to replace at the beginning of the second half of Benyoucef. But Franck Dumas defended it after the match. "I can not judge Boukhanchouche because he did not play his post. Despite that, he has invested a lot in the field. He is the one who does his best and does not iron in the effort."

"Chetti, I'm afraid he's coming out of the field one day and going with Morocco or Tunisia"

Because he does not stop running during all games, Lyès Chetti is a real sprinter. In addition, his coach Franck Dumas said at the end of the meeting that it is a player who drives very fast. "Chetti, I'm afraid he's coming out one day and joining Algiers, Tunisia or Morocco. He's someone very generous." He goes fast and I tell him every time I go there. He works a lot like any other player. "

"Despite the equalization of NAHD, my players have kept calm"

Although his team suffered from the three points in the match, the JSK coach believes that if his players had materialized all the opportunities created in the first half they would have killed the match. "Today we have two nice goals. We were well in the first half, but I regret the opportunities created during the first 45 minutes. If we realized they would have played quietly. I thank my players for all the efforts they have made. have done, they kept quiet despite the equalization of NAHD. We had a good team with good kids like JSK. My assistants told me that 3 important NAHD players did not play, which proves he is a tough opponent. "

"Maintenance is not yet insured"

Asked if he now believes in the podium, Franck Dumas was impossible again. "Maintenance is not yet safe. There are still two matches left for the end of the first leg and then we will see."

Massinissa H.

Hamroun: "We could not disappoint our fans"

Author of the second goal that made his team win all three points, Hamroun once again confirmed that he is a valuable player. "The match was not easy, but we knew we could not make the mistake. We could not afford to disappoint our fans," he said.

4 changes in the river Lacete

Not surprisingly, Nasrias interim coach Mohamed Lacete made no less than four changes in his starting line, compared to the team in the previous week against Olympique de Mededa. In fact, El Orfi, Yaïche, Khacef and Yousfi took the places Maâziz, Mouaki, Chouiter and Gasmi, without any surprise from the Nahdist coach.

Yousfi favorite in Baâli

As the ball was heading towards Baâli Mohamed Seddik, to replace Ahmed Gasmi, the coach Mohamed Lacete finally took Yousfi Abderrahmane to the center-forwards. A more technical choice from the Nahdist coach who has chosen a player with the profile of advanced striker, but also a game builder.

El-Orfi and Khiat recovers the stage of 1st-November

While they have worn JS Kabylies jersey earlier, the two Nahdist players Hocine El-Orfi and Abdelghani Khiat have found the spot on one night, the stadium of 1st-November Tizi-Ouzou, that they were rediscovered with more colors and this renewal of JSK.

Other goals for Brahim Dib

Author of the equalizer in favor of his team at the beginning of the second half, Nahdist offensive midfielder Brahim Dib currently signed his second performance of the season after making his first goal in derby against Mouloudia d Alger. This is just the fifth game Dib since the beginning of the season, with 2 goals to the key.

Cherif Abdeslam present

In the absence of some of the club's leaders, General Manager of Nasria Cherif Abdeslam was following the team to Tizi Ouzou and also took care to follow the match between the two reserve teams NAHD to that of JSK.

Reserve: Nahdist's dispute arbitration

While the Nahdist Reservists lost a goal with two goals to their JSK counterparts, NAHD leaders and players challenged the referee at the end of the match and said that the party offered the tie to JSK, giving them an imaginary penalty park.

El-Orfi captain on one night

In the absence of ordinary captain Ahmed Gasmi, it is logical that Hocine El-Orfi could resume the captain's bracelet at this meeting, who has assumed his role as usual in his capacity as most experienced player in the Nahdist squad.

He evolved into the position on the right side

As expected, coach Mohamed Lacete trusted the experienced Hocine El-Orfi to defend the defensive right, and this, in the absence of Suspended Walid Allati. And the least we can say is that Nahdist No. 6 has done quite well in a position that is not yet known to him.

About fifty Nahdists in the arena

Against a series of bad results, Nasrias fans continued to boycott their team, and by presenting themselves in very small numbers at stadium 1st-November Tizi Ouzou. They were no more than fifty hardcore Nahdists to come to the stadium to support their team, among them, many ultras, who do not miss a single meeting in their team.

Walid Allati has earned

While losing the match over, and yesterday against JSK because of the suspension, his Derby striker against CRB followed, right Nahdist Walid Allati has cleared his postponement of two games attributed to the LFP's disciplinary committee. N ° 20 Nahdist who has missed his team in the last two matches will be back on Friday against the ESS.

Mellal: "Does not dramatize what happened between Tizi-Bouali and Brahimi"

President Cherif Mellal thinks that what happened between Tizi Bouali and Brahimi is not serious. "Do not dramatize what happened between Tizi-Bouali and Brahimi," he said immediately. To show that his defense acted in a moment of anger, President Mellal revealed that Tizi-Bouali apologized to opposing players, including El-Orfi and Brahimi and NAHD leaders, just minutes after his gesture towards the former center of Yellow and Green . "Tizi-Bouali apologized to NAHD players, especially El-Orfi and NAHD leaders. Therefore, I ask you not to dramatize it," he said. Refraining from what happened between Tizi-Bouali and El-Orfi, reminded the president for JSK that after his arrival he insists on discipline and fair play. "We stand against disciplinary differences. Since we are here, we are just talking about discipline and fair play. I have always said that we must ban violence from our stadiums. "

"I ask Medouar to resign so he can answer me"

In violation of the president of professional football league Abdelkrim Medouar for several days, President Mellal challenged him yesterday by recommending him to resign from his position and returning to his position as chairman of ASO for him. responding. "Medouar said at his press conference that if he was a club president, he would have answered, I told him to resign from his post and he returned to ASO so he could answer me," he titled.

Medouar threatens to answer him if he was president of the club, not shaking JSK's president. On the contrary, he said last night that, if Medouar dares to answer him, he also speaks again. "If he answers me, I will also talk about him again," he threatened.

"Disciplinary Board is the last of my concerns"

Appointed by the Disciplinary Board in the Professional Football League on Monday before his hearing was postponed until the next Monday, President Mellal answered contempt for the question of his call on the LFP CD. "The Disciplinary Board is the last of my concerns. I'm only focusing on my team." The jaw of his position not to appear for the LFP's disciplinary committee confirmed President Mellal yesterday that he will never return. "Can the disciplinary committee call me before 19 November or 20th! The club's lawyer will take care of it. I will not show up in front of her," he said.

"We have a specific file and we are ready to take FIFA"

The JSK president does not warn at all for his call from the members of the federal committee, warning members of the latter that if they dare punish him, he will catch FIFA so that he is restored in his rights. "We are preparing a specific file that will be given to this disciplinary committee. We are ready to take FIFA if necessary, so we will never be silent," he warns.

"I do not understand the critics in Ould-Zmirli …"

Speaking immediately after the intervention of NAHD President Ould-Zmerli, who accused Saïdi of the judge of defeating his team, President Mellal said: "We should not criticize arbitration because it was very true." While Sang an Or held the referee responsible for the defeat of the team , President Mellal believes that his team's victory is well deserved. "Our victory is unambiguous. I recognize that NAHD has a good young team like us, but we have not monitored our success."

"I went down to the bench after leveling down NAHD to increase my players and not affect the referee"

After criticizing Senegal President Hassan Hammar to see his team's side-line matches, President Mellal went into the team's bench just after his side's equalization at the start of the second half. "I went down to the bench after the NAHD equalizer strengthened my players and did not affect the judge. I wanted to encourage them to excel, I told myself that by looking at the bench they will surpass themselves, it was innocent and spontaneous ", he said.

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