Friday , October 22 2021

Refurb: the return of senior gloves


Do you research the machine at petit prix? Le refurb peut être une solution. On faithful aujourd'hui to the Mac mini 2014 of 459 €. Our configuration is straightforward, so you just don't have to worry about exigeants for this machine, but quit fair, if you recommend it to the full range 2018, or look like it is representative of some 759 €.

Autre machine anienne in pointer sur le refurb: l'an Macien Air. The non-Retina model is available at a price of 829 €. Pour this honor, on the recommendation of the organizer of the Marching Occupation, if our budget is restrained, so the Regulations for the 2018 model will be sold in part of 979 €.

Get refurbished on a faithful display of the MacBook Pro Retina sans Touch Bar for € 1169 and MacBook Pro Touch Bar for € 1489.

And parlant d'anciennes gloires, note the Apple Proposal for the MacBook at 1269 €. But at a price, if they are nostalgic, they recommend the appropriate chemistry.

Make a note of Apple's big choice of the Mac (Pro). Cells from the iMac 21 ”at 1099 € to the iMac Pro toutes options at 10679 € and matching the iMac 5K to 1699 €.

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