Saturday , October 23 2021

Towards a reform of the public funding system


The Delegation for Relations with Parliament and Civil Society goes on to deep-rooted reform of the public funding system for associations, increased transparency in access to this support and consolidation of related governance mechanisms. ".

This was stated by the minister's delegate for relations with parliament and civil society Mustapha El Khalfi during the presentation of his 2019 commission for his commission in commission.

He stressed the need to strengthen funding sources because oflack of public support current, which is the subject of intervention by several authorities.

The minister also recalled that approximately 700 external audits were launched in addition to the contract award scheme and the publication of an annual report as "new working dynamics conducted by the associations and giving them access to information about funding".

He also reminded that the Ministry is still faced with the problem of payment of the amounts due and respect for the deadlines, in addition to the problem of the many finances inabsence of a uniform system. In this regard, he called for the implementation of the Court's observations, in particular those relating to the establishment of a control and prevention mechanism against several funding.

In order to ensure the sustainability of associative employment, El Khalfi emphasized the need to adopt a law on contractual voluntary work and the development of the tax system and noted that the ministry will organize a symposium on employment and associative volunteering the next month.

With reference to donations and public goodwill, El Khalfi stated that only 42 applications for approval of the public charity were made, of which 33 were approved and 9 were rejected.

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