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UGTA section in Air Algeria: "All aircraft are controlled according to international safety standards"

UGTA section in Air Algeria: "All aircraft are controlled according to international safety standards"

DIA-17 November 2018: The association of workers in Air Algeria was assured Saturday in Algiers that all airplanes in the company adapted for the flights "are technically controlled for safety compliance," said Saturday in a release of the union of Algeria's Algeria Union of Algerian Workers (UGTA ).

"Today we witness attacks on Air Algeria's national flag, reporting lack of technical control of these aircraft.

We assure users and solemnly confirm that air-alloy aircraft adapted to the flights are technically controlled for airworthiness according to safety standards as prescribed by national and international authorities, says the same source.

"Aircraft maintenance is provided by mechanics and engineers who are highly qualified and certified by the National Authority (DACM)," he said.

As such, all airplane participants must hold a license issued by DACM and have an APRS (Return to Service) attached to ATL (Aircraft Technical Org), which is a technical leaflet for the aircraft consulted by the technical crew and the competent authorities in destination airports ".

In this regard, the section noted that before the flight "the aircraft is subject to three thorough controls by the airplane mechanic, the company's internal control department (SACA) and the technical flight crew".

On arrival at the destination and, like other airlines in the world, "Air Algérie's aircraft will also be subjected to a further technical inspection by the Authorized Authorities, such as SAFA, for the European region, says the same source.

Thus, the union of Air Algeria rejects all of the sensational information by calling its writers people who do not hesitate to use all means to prosecute and deceive, and commit unconsciously to doubt and attack the Algerian aviation system that has already gained its nobility for decades " .

"What about the quality of the work currently being done in state-of-the-art facilities and nothing to envy for other foreign jurisdictions," the union argued.

"You must at least be honest to acknowledge the exceptional work done by skilled and experienced technicians and engineers, and even recognized by foreign aircraft and equipment manufacturers," he continues.

It is specified that the maintenance is equipped with European and international approvals, so that it can perform the operations according to the required standards, such as DACM (National Approval), EASA Part 145 (European Approval), IOSA International Accreditation and ISO Certification Quality Standard.

According to the trade union "these approvals were bitterly obtained by the company after a serious and permanent work".

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