Monday , October 18 2021

Beautiful exchange of Alzheimer's collection in Vriezenveen


FREEZING – The collection in Alzheimer Nederland has increased 4891.55 euros in Vriezenveen during the week from 5 to 10 November. The organization thanks all donors and collectors for this.

Always pay attention to Alzheimer's
Last year and this year, Alzheimer Nederland lacked attention. Alzheimer Nederland is pleased with this attention. This allows us to tell a larger audience about the important work that Alzheimer Nederland does. And we really need support from the Dutch people.

Alzheimer Nederland is now working with a solution for dementia, now and in the future. We work with a world where perspectives can be offered, even under the toughest conditions. In what informal care providers help with care and concern, we pay more attention to each other and where we are becoming increasingly demented.

The gathering week is a wonderful moment to reflect on this. We hope, of course, for the highest possible return so we can offer even more support. Alzheimer Nederland thank everyone in Vriezenveen who helped with this. Roelof Hekman, coordinator of Alzheimer's collection Vriezenveen: "Thanks to the collection from all collectors and organizers we can do this work." With the help of all, the final amount is slightly higher than 2017.

Do you want to help next year?
Do you want to contribute to 2019 by helping as a collector? Alzheimer Nederland is pleased with this because we are still looking for collectors in Vriezenveen. You can register via or at: Roelof Hekman (phone: 0546-643151).

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