Friday , November 27 2020

HIV doctors listen to an emergency watch and must supply the PrEP themselves

30 euros

Van der Valk agrees with the criticism. "We now see three thousand users of PrEP, where weIn the Netherlands, more than twenty people have now received unnecessary HIV. HIV is a disease that you can treat well, but it means taking medication for life. If you use PrEP, which costs 30 euros, which can prevent infections, then I think we should. "

Vermeulen also notes that people who want access to PrEP cannot protect themselves now. "Every day, two HIV infections occur in the Netherlands, and we know that if a PREP was available, an HIV infection would appear less."


People who now want PrEP are currently dependent on the HIV treatment centers or their doctor. Minister Bruins feels nothing for a temporary arrangement that makes PrEP available from now on.

The Ministry announces that it will do everything possible to start the drug as soon as possible. "In the coming months, procurement will be offered, the subsidy system set up and the systems adapted to allow monitoring of use and impact," said the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

"Regulations and use of PrEP are allowed, so we can't see any problems if the HIV doctors want to give it themselves, because that is already happening." But it will not be refunded until the dispensation starts. "

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