Monday , March 8 2021

KNVB is again considering internationally the Oranjevrouwen Kuip or ArenA | NOW

KNVB is considering an international match between the orange women in De Kuip or Johan Cruijff ArenA. If it continues, it will probably be a training session in the World Cup next year in France.

"Playing in De Kuip or ArenA is definitely an option, and in the coming months we'll investigate if it's possible," says Jan Dirk van der Zee, director of women's football at the federation.

The discussion of an international match of the orange women in one of the two biggest stadiums in the Netherlands rose after the winning 2017 EM team. However, in April 2018 a record of 30,238 spectators was recorded in the international match against Northern Ireland in Philips Stadium. Many more fits in De Kuip (51,117) and ArenA (54,990).

Although the smaller stadiums now sell out fast for the orange women, says Van der Zee De Kuip or ArenA will not only be full. "You really have to make a party out of it if you want to attract much more than 30,000, as we know from Eindhoven, so the outfit for the World Cup would be great."

"Women's football gets a boost"

Van de Zee also expects many Dutch fans to go to the arenas in France during the World Cup, for which the organ game took place on Tuesday with a 1-1 route against Switzerland. "The amazing thing about this world cup is that it's close to being a feast of thousands of Dutch who come to France."

In 2015, when the Dutch team debuted at the World Cup in Canada, the gap was different due to the big distance, but the location for this tournament was a breakthrough for women's football in the Netherlands. According to Van der Zee, the development is increasing when the team of national coach Sarina Wiegman returns in France.

"The foundation was there: we have a good team, lots of talent, full arenas and all matches are broadcast live on TV, but when we missed the World Cup it was a hitch. Women's football in the Netherlands has been strengthened by the World Cup."

WC in France starts on June 7th and one month later the final. On December 8th, the draw will take place and then the Dutch will know which three countries are opponents in the group phase.

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