Wednesday , April 21 2021

KOZP cancels bus trip to Den Helder outback

It was considered that advocates of Zwarte Piet could block the highway to Den Helder, as happened last year at the entry to Dokkum. This required all kinds of security measures. According to KOZP, they go too far and the "demonstration right is limited".

The action club initially wanted to demonstrate with a group of Amsterdam sympathizers at the arrival of Saint Vincent. It will not happen now. However, housing in Den Helder will "continue the protest".

"Unreasonable demands"

KOZP complains in a press release that "very restrictive conditions" were introduced, including the hiring of compulsory professional security guards, and the police apparently have encountered new "unreasonable demands" due to fear of blockade.

"A bus had already been reserved to get the group from Amsterdam to Den Helder. On Friday evening after 22:00, KOZP was forced by the police to cancel bus travel," according to the organization, who does not tell us what "coercion" consisted of.

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