Tuesday , October 19 2021

Michael Abspoel also considers the Man Bijt Dog voice a burden | NOW


Michael Abspoel, the man behind the program's voice-over You bite dog, not only benefits from his voice. In real life, it feels like a burden, he says Saturday AD.

"That is it the voice you love to hate. Everyone recognizes my voice. It is an everlasting drop that falls on your head. I have been regularly rejected for second hearing. It's a kind of Swiebertje effect. That is the fate of the dog. "

The 61-year-old Abspoel could be heard for 16 years in the program still being made by NCRV at the time, but will soon return to SBS6 with Abspoel.

According to him, the You bite dog not lost in strength after all these years. This is mainly due to the & # 39; normal Dutch person & # 39; is always central. "It applies to politics, but also to the media. We stayed away from Linda de Mol or Wendy van Dijk, we were just looking for the common man in Randstad and in the province."

"We rang at around noon and started looking for underlying stories. In the early days, this was strange. The Dutch are afraid you keep eating, we still count our potatoes. If they found you had none bad intentions, came the stories. "

Nel Veerkamp and Rapper Sjors

The program also ensured that seemingly normal Dutch people suddenly became Dutch celebrities. For example, Nel Veerkamp and Rapper Sjors could enjoy their fame. Such a person also reappears in the new season, expects Abspoel.

"I am very curious about the people we meet. In the past I knew about every nail when it was hit, now I am only the voice of the program. So I have to wait and see, but the Netherlands is full of special characters."

You bite dog can be viewed daily on SBS6 from August 26.

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