Monday , October 18 2021

Passengers moored for more than four hours in a plane at Schiphol


Air passengers traveling from Shanghai to Paris have been stuck for hours on their plane in Schiphol this morning. Flying from China eastern week early this morning to Amsterdam, due to poor visibility in the French capital. Then the coffin was founded at Schiphol for 4.5 hours.

This confirms Amsterdam airport after a passenger aboard the aircraft complained about it on Twitter. This morning, the plane landed at Schiphol after a flight at 12.5 hours around 5.30, after which it was parked for hours. Passengers were not allowed to leave the box and would not have received any further information.

The situation is extra bitter for passenger Chris Leenders, because Amsterdam is his last destination. He may not go out due to procedures. Instead, he first flew to the original final destination of Paris to catch a flight to Amsterdam.

The airplane left at 11 o'clock against the French capital.

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