Tuesday , June 22 2021

Pope for 19 million euros blamed by fake emails | outback

A fraud group reported to Meijer and ending March 8 via a fake email address as head of Pathé's French headquarters. From that name, the fraud of money asked several times, probably to finance the purchase of a company in Dubai. The money would be refunded after the deal.

The two Dutch top leaders expressed their doubts about the situation, but continued to transfer money to a total of 19.2 million euros. They borrowed some of the amount from the headquarters in France. Alarm clocks started calling there. On March 28, the two Dutch peaks had become victims of CEO fraud (where a fraud pretends to be a leader). They were put on non-active and discharged in April.

The referee ruled in a case that Slutter had submitted for his departure. He was told that he had ignored different warning signs. The judge found that this was too strong and canceled the termination from April, but let the employment contract settle on December 1. Until then, Ending will receive a salary with retroactive effect.

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