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'Proud that explosion has gone safely' – Drenthe –

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The explosion is the culmination of the demolition of the 30-year-old installation. The GZI makes way for a solar park and a hydrogen plant. That was said on Saturday by energy hub manager René Jansen of the NAM, the owner of the installation. Jansen was one of the speakers at a meeting, on the occasion of the knocking down of the towers, at Motel van der Valk Emmen.

Watch live on big screens

Employees and former employees of the NAM and the GZI, (former) neighborhood residents and other invitees were able to see the torch explosion and the tower live in a dry and safe distance on several large screens. Two minutes before the explosion, loud bells sounded, a moment later a bang. There was loud applause in the motel.

The GZI plant, the largest of the NAM, closes because keeping the installation operational is no longer cost-effective. In 1987, the factory opened the doors to desulfurize the gas around and near the fifteen fields in South-East Drenthe and Twente. In this way, a better quality product was created. On January 8, 2018, the knob went around and the factory was officially out of service. The lit torch and the tower formed significant landmarks until Saturday in the skyline between Emmen and Klazienaveen.

One tower is already there, the other has not yet hit the ground.

Resistance to arrival factory

The 51-year-old Marcel Wisman, born and raised in Nieuw-Dordrecht, can still remember that the GZI plant was built. "I was twelve years old then." He also came to the meeting. His father Gerrit Wisman has for years resisted the arrival of the factory, which was built near Nieuw-Dordrecht.

Father Wisman was chairman of Local Interest Nieuw-Dordrecht. In the motel room are models of old newspapers, Father Wisman can be seen on a page of the Bouwkrant from 1983. ,, He was concerned about the safety of the villagers. We didn't know what it was. Our father wanted to know everything. He just didn't agree. But when Dad was convinced that the proof was not dangerous, he eventually found it right. "

Photo: Boudewijn Benting

Nice bush left over

Marcel Wisman and his younger brother Arjan (45) came to the meeting in Van der Valk. "The factory sometimes stank a little and the installation also gave extra light", the brothers recall. ,, Furthermore, the nuisance coincided. We kept a nice bunch in front of the school. That bush has been compensated by the NAM. My father wanted that too. ”Wisman senior (82) himself is not present to experience the historic moment. Grandpa Wisman is with his daughter Rineke, who lives just across the border in Germany. ,, His granddaughter celebrates her first day of school. He thinks that is more important. But father would have liked to be there otherwise. "

What will happen to the terrain?

Energy hub manager Jansen from the NAM got the word right after the explosion. ,, I am proud that I work for the NAM. I am also proud because we have safely demolished the two towers. ”According to Jansen, two years ago, the municipality, province and universities have been thinking about a new destination for the former location of the GZI. ,, 13 acres is used for a solar park. We start with that. Then we do two follow-up steps. We first want to start producing hydrogen for, for example, Qbuzz's buses and later possibly Emmtec's companies also supply hydrogen gas instead of methane. ”

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