Friday , November 27 2020

Spotify: Apple creates unfair competition

It is bumble between the two major music streaming services Spotify and Apple Music. The latter is accused of creating unfair competition because of the tax that makes apps pay.

The first year you pay 30 percent as a business, then it will be fifteen if you subscribe to the App Store. According to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, they are forced to make their subscriptions more expensive, making them more unattractive to customers than Apple Music.

Official complaint

An official complaint has now been submitted to the European Commission, suggesting that it will investigate it. "Any monopoly will suggest that they have done nothing wrong and will claim to put competitors and consumers first and foremost," writes the streaming service. "Therefore, Apple's response to our complaint to the European Commission is not new and complete in line with our expectations."

"We have filed our complaint because Apple's activities affect competition and consumers and are a clear violation of the law" continues. "Clearly, Apple sees Spotify users on iOS as Apple customers and not Spotify customers who go to the heart of Apple's problem."

Lusts, not the burdens

Of course, Apple has responded to the claims with an answer. "After Spotify has been using the App Store for years to grow fast, the company wants the appetites, but not the burden."

Even more great analysts from the technical world, such as NOS Ben Thompson quoted that Spotify has a good thing. "Spotify has a stronger story than anyone, it's not just about the App Store policy, but also competing directly with Apple Music."

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