Monday , October 18 2021

"Test 2 Year Old Toddlers Already On Stress"


Toddlers for one and two years should already be tested for stress. Because children suffering from chronic stress in their first years of life have a greater risk of health problems, such as burnout, later.

That's what it's writing A.D. "We live on a time bomb," says the Dutch Youth Health Center (NCJ). The center wants to detect the stress hormone in children under three years in order to intervene earlier.

Length and weight

"You can measure cortisol, a stress hormone, for example through your hair," says NCJ adviser Frans Pijpers. "It will happen next to the height and weight of small children."

The students suffer from outbreaks and children also experience high pressure. According to NCJ, many of these complaints can be traced back to the first thousand days of their young lives, counting from the beginning of pregnancy.


When children experience too much stress during the period when the brain develops rapidly, they are also more prone to stress-related complaints in later lives, such as burnout, depression and cardiovascular disease.

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