Friday , April 23 2021

The Dutch waiting list for mental support employs 88 500 people

There are many waiting in the queue for basic care for psychological problems: 27,550. Personality disturbances and disturbances in the autism spectrum await people longest, sometimes up to 8 months. It's almost three times as long as actually allowed.

What is particularly striking in all figures is that the "average waiting time", which is often quoted by the healthcare facilities, actually says very little. People who seek help for an autism disorder averaged 19 weeks. But in practice it differs quite per region. In Utrecht it is 35 weeks, in Amstelland and Meerlanden it stays at 8 weeks.

In addition, it's not so long waiting list also automatically a long one wait organ. For example, for a health effect, flow throughput is faster than on the other, the supply is greater or just a new treatment begins where you can go.

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