Monday , October 18 2021

The students make a record attempt for the longest beer basket


To create a beer basket with a 28-meter span, it's the project that forty-one students at the University of Twente (UT) have worked for months. Since this week, they have built on the foundations of the university to set a new record on Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon, the sites that supported the bridge will be removed during construction. If the bridge over the beer can remain safe for at least one hour without assistance, try the record attempt.

New attempt

Such a record attempt made Twente University eight years ago, but it failed. "The ConcepT Study Association has a new board each year, which has the task of putting the study and the association in a positive position. The last time Enschede tried a try in 2010 and failed. So we thought it would be a good idea to take up the game again, "said Krattenbrug's chairman Kelt Garritsen (20) last week in AD.

The current record is in the hands of Eindhoven University of Technology, which in 2016 managed to build a 26.69 meter beer basket. In recent years, the bridge building has therefore mainly been a dispute between the Eindhoven University of Technology and TU Delft.

Photo: Reinier van Willigen

7576 boxes Grolsch

7576 boxes from Grolsch, the famous beer brewer from Enschede, were used for construction. This applies to both empty boxes and boxes filled with water. "And no, we do not first drink it ourselves. Everyone asks that question." Grolsch is pleased to cooperate with this. It is a bit of a prestige battle for the Twente region and Grolsch is part of it, "said Garritsen.

The record attempt is not for Guinness Book of World Records, but just a Dutch university business.

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