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These movies and series appeared on Netflix | NOW

New movies, comics and documentaries are added to Netflix weekly. These titles appeared on the streaming service last week.


The sinner

After a successful first season comes the sequel. Detective Ambrose – who also has enough problems in her life – ends in a new, apparently complete case where an eleven year old has murdered her parents.


Netflix comes with its own reality show about nine future talents. The musicians share the headlight to create a Hollywood career. All very personal ups and downs, dramatic moments and musical delights pass.

Medal of Honor

This series of documents follows highest grade recipients in the US Army: Medal of Honor. The veterans and their relatives talk about their war stories, while chilling war situations are being recreated.

Super Drags

During the first season of this animated series for adults, you will follow three gay colleagues who lead a double life like dragon queen and superhero.

And so on:

• Season 2 of Big dreams, small rooms, where Monty Don helps the gardens to plant the garden in their dreams.
• Season 3 of Mary Portas: Secret Shopper, where Mary helps a bad clothing store back on track.
• Season 1 + 2 of Own breeding about the Welvaert potato family.
• Season 1 of To build or not to build, where Simon O & Brien helps self-employed people build a dream home.
• Season 2 of consumed, where Jill Pollack helps the hammer to get his house and life in order.

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Outlaw King

In the new Netflix movie Outlaw King Chris Pine plays Scottish hero Robert The Bruce (including highly discussed nude pictures). He rebelles against English King Edward I and it causes a lot of fights.

Ghost in Shell

Ghost in Shell takes place in 2029. Scarlett Johansson plays Major, who is responsible for Section 9, an elite unit that has to eliminate the most dangerous criminals and extremists.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

In the last chapter (unless another series arrives) of Resident Evilfranchise, humanity is virtually extinct. Only a small group of survivors must stand by while the umbrella corps prepares an attack to eradicate them. If Alice wants to save humanity, she must accept the help of old friends and an unexpected ally.

Bullet Head

Three criminals join forces to break into a warehouse and to collect a large price. When the operation is in full swing, it seems as if they are locked in the building. In addition, an aggressive dog called DeNiro runs around.

Ali G Indahouse

Rapper Ali G (one of the actor's actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen) takes action against the demolition of his beloved John Nike Leisure Center and is elected parliamentarian.

And so on:

• Remake of psycho from 1998.
• Comedy movie The Latebloomer about the sexless Charlie, who ends up in an accelerated puberty after taking away a tumor.
• Music film We are your friends about 23-year-old Cole whose love life is in the way of his career.
• Sci-fi movie water world about a world that only consists of water.
Nitro Circus: The Movie, where Travis Pastrana performs the most bizarre stunts with his friends.
• Christmas film 48 Christmas wishes, about the disappearance of all Christmas letters.

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