Tuesday , April 20 2021

Comedian Tom Sainsbury has thrown his hat into the mayoral race in Auckland

Tom Sainsbury in Shortland Street


Tom Sainsbury in Shortland Street

Comedian Tom Sainsbury is officially running for the Auckland Citizenship, up against veteran politicians like Phil Goff and John Tamihere.

Although Tom's name is down on the list of 21 mayoral hopefuls, he says his alter-ego Fiona is actually the one who actually runs to be Auckland's mayor.

Sainsbury has thousands of followers for his videos on social media, using the Snapchat face swap filter to take on the characters of politicians and other figures.

In a video posted on Saturday, the morning after the official list of Auckland mayoral candidates was released, he appeared as "Fiona" and told fans she had "made a huge mistake".

"To celebrate coming through dry July, August 1, I decided to get full of different bubbles," Fiona said.

“What happened was, I talked to some girlfriends and decided to run for mayor of Auckland.

"It seemed like a very good idea at the time."

Sainsbury could not be reached for comment Saturday, but he is expected to speak to the media later this weekend.

His satirical sentiments of politicians like Paula Bennett have attracted national attention in the past.

His videos have even been picked up by Bennett himself, who is secretly following the secret of her "besties", Amy Adams, Nikki Kaye and Maggie Barry.

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