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How amazing animals 2 connect to Harry Potter


Warning: This post contains great spoilers for Amazing animals: Grindelwald's crime.

Harry Potter fans have eagerly expected a face-to-face screen between Dumbledore and Grindelwald since the readers first heard of the famous duel in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Amazing animals: Grindelwald's crime gives the audience a step closer to this showdown: Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) returns after his surprise appearance 2016 Amazing animals and where to find them while a young Albus Dumbeldore (Jude Law) makes his debut on screen.

The film, which takes place in 1927, is full of other references to the original Harry Potter series and link the two stories for decades. Fans who watched the trailers already know that a woman named Nagini is included in the movie, like Mirror of Erised and the Elder Wand. Here are all parallels and connections between the two stories – including that twist.

Dumbledore's conflict with the magic ministry

Meet young Dumbledore. At this time, Dumbledore is Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts. We see him learning a class at Boggarts, which is near the parallel lesson Professor Remus Lupine gave Harry and his classmates decades later.

Fans discover that Dumbledore's unpleasant relationship with the wizard began early in Professor Hogwart's career. Officials from the magin ministries interrupt the class to meet Dumbledore: they claim he is working against them by sending Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) to America and then Paris to protect Credence, an obscurial from Grindelwald.

When Dumbledore avoids their questions, they forbid him to continue to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. A boy named McLaggen comes to Dumbledore's defense and says he is the best teacher they have had. (Perhaps he is an ancestor of Cormac McLaggen, the boy who judges Hermione in Half-Blood Prince.)

Minerva McGonagall's came

Another teacher uses the students from the classroom. It seems to be a young Minerva McGonagall (Fiona Glascott). This event change is a bit confusing, considering that some have noted that Pottermore previously noted Minerva's birth date as October 1935, eight years after Grindelwald's crime takes place. Perhaps the woman in the film is the mother or aunt of the teacher presented in Harry Potter series, and the two witches share a name.

(L-R) Johnny Depp and Jude Law in Grindelwald's crime

(L-R) Johnny Depp and Jude Law in Grindelwald's crime

Warner bros.

Mirror of Erised

Dumbledore warned Harry away from Erised Mirror Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone, reveal that wizards and witches had wasted in front of the glass that showed them their deepest wishes. Harry asked Dumbledore what he saw when he looked into the mirror, and his principal responded with "thick wool socks". Harry suspects this is a lie, and author J.K. Rowling later explained that Dumbledore saw his dead sister, Ariana and the rest of her family.

But apparently, a younger Dumbledore had different wishes. IN Grindelwald's crimeWe see Dumbledore staring at a mirror that reflects Grindelwald back on him. This short scene calls on Rowling's revelation that Dumbledore and Grindelwald had a romantic relationship. (In another scene, the magister's ministry notes that Dumbledore and Grindelwald were "as close as brothers", as Dumbledore consciously responds, "closer").

Dumbledore still seems to be in love with the man, even though he recognizes Grindelwald's potential for evil.

Memory charms

In the end of Amazing animals and where to find themwizards change the memories from an entire city Muggles so they do not remember the magic they witnessed. To Newt's surprise, Muggle Jacob (Dan Fogler) shows at his apartment in the beginning Grindelwald's crime, and he remembers everything. Jacob explains that the spelling only erased the bad memories – and that he had the most good, so he remembered all of these.

It does not seem to be how the unlucky charm works in the Harry Potter books. Hermione, for example, modified their parents' memories so they could not remember that Hermione was ever born to protect them from Death Eaters. Then she deleted good memories, though she could restore them later. Similarly, when Gilderoy Lockhart obliviates his victims, he erases all his memories – positive and negative.

Probably the American guides used a special variation of memory charm that only erases bad memories, although the movie never explains why.

Dan Fogler and Brontis Jodorowsky in Grindelwald's crime

Dan Fogler and Brontis Jodorowsky in Grindelwald's crime

Warner bros.

Nicolas Flamel

Fans of Harry Potter Books will recall Nicolas Flamel from The wizard's stone. Flamel is a French alchemist who created the Sorcerer's Stone, which produces life's Elixir. Flamel uses the elixir to prolong his own life and his wife's life for about 690 years. When Voldemort tries to recover Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stoneFlamel handles the magic object to his friend Dumbledore, and Harry defends the stone from him who can not be named.

Flamel makes his debut on the screen Grindelwald's crime as owner of the secure house Dumbledore proposes to Newt. Flamel looks as old as Jacob suspects him for a ghost. But Flamel does not allow his age to stop him from fighting evil: He helps Newt and his allies contain the curse that Grindelwald throws at the end of the film.

What magic wand has Grindelwald?

Although nobody talks about Elder Wand in this movie, Grindelwald probably already has the most powerful mouse available. According to Rowling's timeline, Grindelwald steals the oldest wand from the magician Gregorovitch sometime between 1900 and 1926, before the events of Amazing animals. Grindelwald probably used to use Graves (Colin Farrell) when he disguised himself as the magician of the last movie. Now he has been reunited with his old troll to help explain the power he is doing at the cemetery at the end of the film.

Claudia Kim and Ezra Miller in amazing animals: Grindelwald's crime

Claudia Kim and Ezra Miller in Amazing animals: Grindelwald's crime

Warner bros.

Nagini in her human form

Rowling broke up controversy when Grindelwald's crime The trailer retarded a character that turned from human to worm. This woman turns out to be a Maledictus called Nagini, played by Claudia Kim. Credence meets her while the two work on a circus. Unlike an Animagus, which can freely morph from human to animal and back, a Maledictus has a blood strain which in turn will permanently turn the person to the animal.

Probably this Nagini is the same who will be a friend of (and Horcrux of) Voldemort. Fans can assume that Nagini was fascinated by the dark arts early in life because she inevitably endorses an ally of the most evil wizard in history.

But in Grindelwald's crime, when Grindelwald gives several magicians the choice to join forces, Nagini resists, even though her friend Credence adapts to Grindelwald. It is still unclear whether Nagini will go to the dark side or if Voldemort will in any way slaughter her after she has permanently become a worm.

Illegal promises

IN Half-Blood PrinceSnape makes an intolerable promise with Narcissa Malfoy, promising to help his son Draco fulfill the promise he made to kill Dumbledore. In that book, the fans learned that those who do not meet their immortal Vow die.

IN Grindelwald's crime, Tina (Katherine Waterston) can discern that Yusuf (William Nadylam) has made an intolerable promise based on the scars on his hand. This seems to be another change from the original Harry Potter Books: Had the Obrotta Vow as Snape did with Narcissa left scars on his hand, surely Harry or another member of the Phoenix scheme had noticed and suspected something. Driving the ears only grows over time or that magic has evolved over the decades between Amazing animals and Harry Potter.

Zoë Kravitz and Johnny Depp in Grindelwald's crime

Zoë Kravitz and Johnny Depp i Grindelwald's crime

Warner bros.

How is Leta Lestrange related to Bellatrix?

The first Amazing animals movie retas look of Leta Lestrange (Zoe Kravitz), probably a relationship of the evil Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter series. We learn that while Looking was Newt's girlfriend sometime; She is now engaged to her brother Theseus.

Fans can assume from her last name that Leta was fascinated by dark magic, like most of her relatives. But while Leta's father was a truly horrible man who used Imperius's curse to steal another mans wife and impregnate her, Leta-the child was born of that attack-not inheriting the father's evil desire.

Look guilty of replacing his crying brother for another baby on a ship to America, just for a moment. When the ship dropped, Leta's true brother went with it. The second baby (Ezra Miller's Credence) survived with Leta. This means that Credence is not part of the Lestrange family, despite the many suspects in the film. Leta proves his story with a Lestrange family tree similar to the black family tree presented in The Order of Phoenix.

And at the end of the film, sacrifice to find an attempt to fight Grindelwald and save Newt and Theseus. Leta's unpleasant death means that she can not be a direct ancestor of Bellatrix, because she did not have a child – at least as we know. Bellatrix must come down from another branch of the Lestrange family.

Dumbledore obsession with obscurials

Dumbledore seems to have a more extensive knowledge of Obscurials than most wizards. A quick set for those who have forgotten: Dumbledore's sister Ariana was beaten by some local Muggle boys who saw her casting magic when she was young. Ariana became ill afterwards and only suppressed her magic to let it out in dangerous shortcomings.

Dumbledore's father attacked the Muggles who injured Ariana, and he was imprisoned in Azkaban. He never told anyone about Ariana's trouble and feared that if he used it as defense, the ministry would take Ariana away from the family. Many fans now theorize that she was obscurial.

Dumbledore's mother was later killed in an accident caused by Ariana, and Dumbledore became the guardian of Ariana and his brother Aberforth. It was during that time that Dumbledore met Grindelwald. The two exchanged the ideas and plotted a new world order in which sorcerers ruled Muggles "for the better".

The two planned to search for the Deadly Hallowsna together to achieve this goal, but when Aberforth confronted them, they beat three, accidentally, Ariana killed. Grindelwald fled, Dumbledore – overweight of guilt – realized the mistake of his thinking about the Muggle rule and spent the rest of his life trying to defend innocents against dark magic.

Harry Potter learns this story from Aberforth in The deadly hallowsna. We see the impact that the tragedy has on Dumbledore in Grindelwald's crime, as Dumbledore asks that Newt protects Credence, another Obscurial, and anticipates his possible presentation with Grindelwald.

Dumbledore and Grindelwald's upcoming duel

Especially at the end of Grindelwald's crimeNewt and Dumbledore discuss how Dumbledore and Grindelwald swore not to fight each other. (Dumbledore had told the ministry earlier that he could not move towards Grindelwald and leave the audience to assume Dumbledore's lingering feelings for Grindelwald held him emotionally back from the confrontation.)

Instead of doing an unbroken run, they made two bloods, a new concept for Harry Potter fans. Given that Dumbledore and Grindelwald eventually struggle, a blood vessel is likely to be fragile, unlike an intolerable promise.

Ezra Miller in Grindelwald's crime

Ezra Miller i the Grindelwald's crime

Warner bros.

Who is Aurelius Dumbledore?

During the last minutes of the film, Grindelwald's supporters lower to Nurmengard, the prison that Grindelwald builds for dissenters – and eventually becomes his own jailhouse. There Grindelwald reveals that Credence is actually Aurelius Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore's brother.

We still do not know why a secret Dumbledore brother has never been mentioned earlier in the Harry Potter universe or how the Dumbledore child ended up on the boat to America. Rita Skeeter would be disappointed that she had not dug all dirt on Dumbledore.

Grindelwald can lie. But he tells credibility that a phoenix is ​​said to occur for Dumbledore in times of distress, and a phenomenon actually seems faithful. Could this possibly be of a young Fawkes?

If Credence is a Dumbledore, it means that Albus Dumbledore had two Obscurial siblings. Grindelwald believes that Credence's power – and perhaps Dumbledore's guilt over Arian's fate – becomes his most powerful weapon against the great wizard.

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