Monday , March 1 2021

Kiwi to become cheaper gigabit as Australians do with 50 Mbps

As Australians continue to deal with a semi-burned broadband service, New Zealand has indicated that it would lower prices for its ultra-fast broadband services, as it was announced that half a million had set up the service.

one statement from broadband builders and supplier Chorus said that 100,000 consumers had joined the gigabit service in the last six months and pointed out that the first 100,000 had taken five years to sign up.

By a sharp comparison, in Australia, a new Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Report says that more than half of the 4.5 million connected to the national broadband network have a speed of 50 Mbps or better.

Most Australian ISPs offer no more than 100 Mbps over NBN because most of the premises do not have fiber in the premises. Only one ISP, Launtel, in Tasmania offers gigabit service in that country while another small provider, MyRepublic, has about 100 gigabit subscribers in NSW.


Previously, NBN's Managing Director, Bill Morrow said that New Zealand's broadband expansion can not be compared to that in Australia due to the difference in the delivery model: The Telecom NZ Main Telecom Concerts, had been split into retail (Spark) and wholesale industry (Chorus).

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Chorus said it would lower the price of its residential gigabit service from NZ $ 65 (A $ 61) to NZ $ 60 (A $ 56) by mid 2019 and reduce it further to NZ $ 56 by mid 2020.

"Demand for fiber broadband has increased rapidly and even more, now that more content is moving online, and New Zealanders are preparing to stream the Rugby World Cup and other sporting events in 2019," says King Kate McKenzie.

"And there is no sign of the demand for fiber braking. As a cross crosses the country that adds fiber, more kiwis can use faster and more reliable broadband connections.

"New Zealanders are downloading, streaming HDTV and playing at great pace, and the likely impact of online TV will continue to be experienced in peak network growth. As more content becomes available online, new devices are released to watch it with higher video resolutions like 4K (and soon 8K).

"What these numbers overwhelmingly tells us is that as a nation, our average data usage is growing rapidly and it will continue to grow faster over the next few years, so being the best available fiber connection is crucial."

Graphic: courtesy Chorus


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