Wednesday , October 27 2021

Onion is dangerous: 3000 claims ACC


Everyone knows the dangers of cooking with onion, but it turns out that it not only slices those who can get tears in their eyes.

Retail giant Bunnings has been mocked to introduce a new safety rule that requires BBQ fundraisers to put the sausage on top of the onion to prevent them failing to land with a release risk.

ACC figures indicate that Bunnings has a good reason to increase the safety margin for the BBQ snare.

New Zealanders have been lacerated or punctured, suffered from soft tissue damage and even slipped over, all in the name of a good onion.

Figures released to New Zealand Herald by ACC shows that there have been 3001 onion related claims from January 1, 2013 to November 14, 2018.

On the other hand, there have been only 25 correlated injuries for the same five-year period.

ACC could provide the numbers using a free text search for keywords recorded in accidents related to onion and sausage sizzles.

However, there may be a large variation in the details of the applicants, and therefore the data can not be presented as definitive.

Both onion and sausage sizzles have been discussed hot this week after the announcement Bunnings would change its rules around its night.

New guidelines mean that the fried onion can no longer be placed on top of the sausage, but instead it must be on the bottom.

The safety rule is designed to prevent chopped onions from falling out and pose a risk of release, as an Australian man glides over one.

Three years ago, a Queensland farmer Trevor released an onion while he entered Gympie Bunnings to buy a dietary, ABC report.

"I went to the store and it happened so fast, I had leather boots on, I went down on my back," said the farmer.

Trevor is compensated by Bunnings and signed a notice of termination.

The change – which has already been caught in Australia – addresses the obvious dangers caused by some pieces of fried onions that fall on the ground.

While the ACC figures do not say specifically if someone slipped on an onion during a sausage-related accident, 21 patent claims related to people slipping on the vegetable since January 1, 2013, have occurred.

The worst years of the event were 2015 and 2017 when it came to five claims in each. This year it has been less than four.

Sausage has also been a risk zone for damage, ACC has received a total of 25 claims for injuries since 2013.

Broken down in primary injuries, 10 applications were filed under soft tissue injury, seven claims during laceration or puncture, and eight categorized as "others".

The worst year for all onion related claims was in 2015 when a total of 550 claims were made on ACC.

During the year 447 were categorized as laceration or puncture damage, 88 as soft tissue, 10 as other and five were not indicated.

This year, 446 claims have been made for ACC for onion-related injuries, again, most are from laceration or puncture damage.

Some 360 ​​statements have been made for laceration damage, 66 for soft tissue injury, five for foreign body in opening / eye, seven for others and eight not indicated.

ACC does not provide exact numbers where there are fewer than four claims on a certain amount of damage to avoid accidental identification of a client.

As a system without error, ACC is due to information that is registered by creditors on a liability form after an injury.

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