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Bjørn Maars Johnsen secured Norway a point against Slovenia


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The tip was replaced and secured a point for Lars Lagerbäck's men.


LJUBLJANA (Nettavisen): The Norwegian national team defeated one point in Ljubljana after playing 1-1 against Slovenia at Stozice Stadium in the Slovenian capital.

Benjamin Verbic gave the Slovaks lead in the first round, and so long it became the winning goal for Igor Benedejcic and his men. 85 minutes into the game, one Norwegian wanted another game.

Bjørn Maars Johnsen went high on a post and bolted the ball into goal for Lars Lagerbäck's crew. Thus, Norway took an important point in the Nation League group.

Before the match, Maars Johnsen told Nettavisen that he would copy Ole Gunnar Solskjær to come in and make important goals. The points can quickly prove to be crucial for Norway in the Nations League.

There is still a good end to the group when Bulgaria secured a point in Larnaca against Cyprus.

This means that the Norwegian gentlemen, despite the economic downturn against Slovenia, still lead Group C3 in the Nations League before the final and crucial match in the group.

"We are very pleased with the completion of the match. The boys stood for 90 minutes, never gave up and it's crazy good morale. We have a deserved score," says assistant coach Per Joar Hansen.

He thought there had been several situations that could have given Norwegian points earlier, including Omar Elabdeallouis and Tarik Elyounoussi's great fortune in the first round.

"It was a tough start, we got 0-1 after nine minutes and it's always hard to get back on track in international football. There's more than 60 percent chance of losing the match," said Hansen.

It will be played on Monday when the Norwegian football team meets Cyprus on the go.

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Mega Chance

There was a close and even start between Norway and Slovenia at Stozice Stadium in the Slovenian capital. Neither Norway nor Slovenia seemed to have their game commenced at the start of the deal.

But when Slovenian began, Norway started no longer finding out. Slovenia held the ball well over a minute before midfielder Aljaz Struna found Andrez Sporar with a long ball.

Sigurd Rosted did not get up and the ball ended at Benjamin Verbic. Slovenia's national team did not make a mistake in goal, exceeded Rune Almenning Jarstein and Slovenia led 1-0.

Norway did not get into the big chances, and there were several balls that swooped over the tips in the middle of the first round. Mohamed Elyounoussi tested the keeper Belec with a half-shot after 19 minutes.

Omar Elabdellaoui must have thought he gave Norway 1-1 when his head injury after half past seven played overseer Belec. Only a strange rescue on Struna, Olympiakos returned from registering his first goal for Norway.

The finish was taken by Ola Kamara, who seemed to push the ball into the goal, but the Los Angeles Galaxy team managed to shrug them off and shot a low shot past the keeper to give his team the lead.

After the situation, several Norwegians in a sincere way asked the goalkeeper to record that the ball had passed the line.

Norway caught a little grip on the Slovenian men after half past five, and the ball fell down to Moi in the box for a few minutes. Unfortunately for Norway, the Southampton striker tried outside Belec's goal.

Lars Lagerbäck's men failed to give up Slovenia in the first round, which meant that it was home-made, which led to a break in the Slovenian capital.

It was 1-0 for Trainer Igor Benedejcic when Judge Ruddy Buquet finished off after 45 minutes.

Maars Johnsen to the rescue

Just like in the first round, the team really managed to get offensive games on the Slovenian grass plate. Norway came to several halves, but did not test the goalkeeper Belec.

The Slovenians chose to go deeper in the second round to defend their leadership, while Norway struggled to find their way through the defense wall.

In attempting to create imbalance in the Slovenian team, Lars Lagerbäck chose to beat both Martin Ødegaard and Bjørn Maars Johnsen with just over half an hour to play at Stozice Stadium again.

Kamara pulled the right hand side after 66 minutes, but the ball slipped from the forehead to the former Stabæk and Molde tip.

69 minutes into the game, the Norwegians got a dangerous goal as Markus Henriksen slipped through the defense on the left to come up alone against the keeper. The ball managed strangely to pass all Norwegian players.

Ødegaard has delivered two fantastic points to Norway shortly and after 71 minutes he was close to Norway. Keeper Belec got the ball away to the corner.

The vast majority of Ljubljana believed Slovenia had doubled the lead when Robert Beric hit the ball in the goal quarter before the end. Unfortunately for Slovenia, the referee had broken the offside score.

After 81 minutes, Norway had a good chance of putting Henriksen into Slovenia's boxing. The shot of Hull was good, but again Belec was ready.

Bjørn Maars Johnsen would be different for Norway when he went up to a post and hit the ball in goal with five minutes in Ljubljana again.

Thus, Norway can score one point against Slovenia after playing 1-1 in the Slovenian capital. That means everything is settled in the last game of the Nations League group game.

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