Monday , May 17 2021

Elise Thorsnes reveals why she chose LSK Women

Elise Thorsnes (30) is back in Norwegian football and has agreed with LSK Women on a contract, reports Romerikes Blad.

According to the newspaper, the 30-year-old has signed a one-year contract with this year's series champion.

"I've played a lot against LSK over the years. I've also scored some goals against them, but I hope I'll make more points for them," said the search from games in the Utah Royals.

– They are the best. I want to win and make many goals, Thorsne's simple explanation for TV 2 questions why she now chooses to return to Norway after her foreign stay.

World Cup finals for the summer are played in France. The statement of the World Championships will take place on December 8th.

– Want the best possible upload to the World Cup
Thorsnes has previously said she wanted to extend her career abroad but has been injured and looks at Lillestrøm as the perfect place before the next summer finals
in France.

– Hamstringen is recording. I want the best possible upload to the World Cup and follow-up from the physiotherapist and the Olympiatoppen, reveals grandfather.

Thorsnes also looks at the Champions League, where the LSK women meet Barcelona in the spring, as a carrot. Hopefully, she has recovered the injury problems within that time.

"I'm getting harmless. It has been two months now, so the goal is to get ready for the matches, she says to TV 2.

National team colleague Guro Reiten in LSK was also an important reason for the election of the Norwegian club.

– Guro Reiten! We needed five minutes at a national team to understand that we understand each other extremely well. We knew how we collaborated from the first second. I have barely experienced it before. We can be a deadly duo,
Thornes said to

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