Thursday , May 13 2021

Enthusiastic when Tesla shows its latest model in Norway

– Can you fit a pram behind? How much do they cost this? How long is it for four-wheel drive? Is production going as it should and when can I book the car properly?

There were many people and even more questions when Tesla today showed its model 3 publicly in Norway for the first time.

And those present seemed pleased with what they saw. Images were taken to snapchat and instagram, many video nuts were shared with friends and acquaintances.

To sit inside the car for a quick review of the minimalist dashboard and big screen, qualified for half an hour in a row. Least. But many stood up and waited patiently, without any sore minors for that reason.

Many had already ordered the car, others would probably see and touch it first to find out what it really is. But Tesla was able to note several new reservations today is hardly doubtful.

The first comes in early 2019

Even Sandvold Roland at Tesla had a hectic day at work today. Illustrative image from Scanpix
Even Sandvold Roland at Tesla had a hectic day at work today. Illustrative image from Scanpix

– Puh … says a lot of satisfaction, including Sandvold Roland, PR and communications director at the Norwegian importer, while he wipes away some sweat pearls in the forehead.

– This is fun! It was actually queue outside when I got to work today, extra early. We were prepared for this to increase curiosity, but it is far from expected. It's good we have the car here for two weeks, he says

Ask how many reserved Tesla Model 3 here he just looks at us and answers: Many. Very many.

The first customers who reserved this will get their cars early 2019. It is approaching …

– Yes, we look forward to getting started with the deliveries. If not, we will also open for the reservation of the car, not just reservations. Then we will finally be able to handle what many people wonder. Namely Norwegian
price and European range.

If you have not booked the car yet, you may need to wait a little wait.

"Yes, we are talking about 12-18 months now, something dependent on the battery pack and such," says Sandvold Roland

Tesla slaughtered – they did not do anyone else here

Sex to get into the car was half an hour.
Sex to get into the car was half an hour.

Marks a bit for the competitors

He also adds that the interest in the Tesla Model 3 is greater than ever. The emergence of new and strong competitors, such as the Audi e-throne, the Mercedes EQC and the Jaguar I-Pace seem to have no impact on the interest
around the car.

– No – almost the opposite. I think competitors are concentrating on customers and that everyone who works with electric cars in this segment benefits from it. It's still the big Tesla Model X that sells the best of our models, but with
Model S hairy back. We look forward to getting a slightly cheaper variant in our range. Model 3 is in a slightly different segment than S and X, but still with both good ranges and good performance.

– By the way, we have received very nice feedback today. Many people think it's even finer in reality than on the pictures they've seen. So everyone looks forward to working here, Sandvold Roland ends before he has to hurry

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