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Filman report "Fabeldyr: Grindelwald's crime": Small-scale transport ladder

GOLDEN: Porpentina Goldstein (Katherine Waterston) and Salmander Fisle (Eddie Redmayne) fail to recreate the golden magic of the former film.
GOLDEN: Porpentina Goldstein (Katherine Waterston) and Salmander Fisle (Eddie Redmayne) fail to recreate the golden magic of the former film. Photo: SFSTUDIOS


The Potter Films Response to the Galtvortek Press. Just with more steam than magic.



EVENTYR: Fabeldyr: Grindelwald's crime
England / USA, 12 years
MED: Eddie Redmayne, Johnny Depp, Katherine Waterston, Zoë Kravitz
REGI: David Yates

J.K. Rowling's expansion of the Potter film universe to "Fabeldyr and Where to Find" got a more than successful start two years ago. Stylishly placed in a 1920s New York with good and new personalities. The sequel opens dark, magical and exciting and has some incredible surprises towards the end.

In the middle, however, it is J.K. Rowling to be, an unusually moodless and extremely little magic chaos.

Magizoolog Salmander Fisle is still handled and thoughtful by Eddie Redmayne. Here he fights with eye contact. So keen that there are no strange creatures, just cramped people. Katherine Waterston makes Porpentina Goldstein a bit less stressed and angry than last. Jude Law The young puck turns out to be foggy and rounded, but with a much smaller role than anyone else will expect. Almost so little we look at Johnny Depp and the title Gellert Grindelwald.

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Players "Grinchen": – Loves to be evil

What obviously has to do with the long-term story is thinned more than it really benefits, now that it will be in five movies. Those who know about their Rowling know for example that Grindelwald and Dumbledore meet for a legendary duel in 1945.

A good moment to when the action lasts 1927.

Depp plays the silk-bearing pure grass Grindelwald with platinum-hacked hair, crisp and reverse Marilyn Manson contact lens. Less immediate evil than the later woes of the universe, Voldemort. They make him no less scary, especially when he argues with a "bigger good" as a background rational for his actions.

More well-known characters and places from the Potter universe, or "Wizarding World", which is the official term now, seem to fit well-being. Many of these do not require a bachelor in magic literature to find a happy pleasure. A wizard's ability to really set more than usual movie prizes is probably an advantage.

Know: Check out the dice on the first "Fabeldyr" movie

For example, "Fabeldyr 2" is crowded with people and struggling to want and / or had to explain and tell a lot. Possibly a lot will be meaningful when the series is finished in 6-7 years (the plan is five movies). At the moment, it seems too much as a compulsory part of a slow transport step.

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"Nutcracker and the four kings": Self and fast

As David Yates's sixth movie in a series now up to a two-digit number, it's obviously steady in the effects and effectiveness of the rocks. But it still seems a bit tired of the edges, even though the costumes are as fresh as last. Even James Newton Howard's music, which previously had some swing-jazz edges, does not make it possible to deliver anything but okay.

The most interesting thing is to recognize the outlines of a changed core. There Harry Potter is no longer the center of the universe. Instead, it seems that Rowling's big plan is to write Kronos of Albus Humlesnurr himself.

Then see if the series resumes as the future Galtvort Rektor's bird fonix next time.

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